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  • Automatic cc renewal3 votes
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  • 1 day ago
  • Professional Services
  • Albany, Georgia
  • Employment Insurance
  • 24

Angies list doesn't require a contractor to be insured that they refere to the public. One of my competitors contracted to do a job with one of my customers because my customer thought that my competitor was above board and fully insured because of Angies List referring them. This competitor doesn't carry any workers comp which puts the property owners at risk if there is a injury while work is... Read more

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  • 1 day ago
  • Professional Services
  • Albany, Georgia
  • Employment Insurance
  • 4

Angies list is unethical in referring businesses to the public. They do not require the businesses signed up for referrals to the public to be insured . I had a customer that contracted with a competitor due to the fact that they thought the competitor was above board because angies list refered them when in fact they are not fully insured . the competitor dosnt carry workers comp and with the... Read more

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Purchased a central boiler wood furance....dealer sold me the wrong underground pipe lied to me central boiler can not control thier dealers..would not reconmend central boiler for anything....not trustable at all..mike ohio Add comment

  • Jan 15
  • Shopping
  • Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Membership
  • 104

Angies list automatically renews your membership even if you don't want that but are unaware. There was not a single message ahead of time suggesting this would happen. This is very very sneaky and unethical. In fact all their spam messages strategically ceased a few months before renewal was to happen. I can't believe them. Stay away from subscribing to this company!Stay away from subscribing to... Read more

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I have tried several companies from Angie's List. 2 were good all of the rest with A's su@#ed Add comment

  • Jan 13
  • Advertisements and Cons
  • Port Washington, Wisconsin
  • Marketing Calls
  • 132

They told me it would cost $37,000 to advertise on Angie's list! What a joke! If I charged what they charge I could retire early. Rip off! Told the guy I was not interested and he calls three times a day hey if I don't answer you call three times that day don't call me a forth.I tried calling late to leave a message and they don't have a machine. I have A feedback on there site because I don't... Read more

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  • Jan 08
  • Advertisements and Cons
  • Thornton, West Virginia
  • Billing
  • 140

No need to go into the removal of negative reviews here, as all of mine went missing. I had to constantly resubmit them and they would disappear. I would constantly get an email saying to resubmit them as some information was missing, which I did and even though the review would be posted, I would get the same email a week or two later. However, during the past year my Credit card had to be... Read more

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  • Jan 07
  • Internet
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Rating
  • 147

Did you know that an Angies list member can file a complaint on Angies List? The member can fill page after page with nonsense, in fact they can take so many pages that no one can see anything else but their compliant. Good Bye to all you excellent ratings. Once the complaint is filed you have specific time period to respond and defend yourself through Angies paper work and their schedule. The... Read more

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Some where in tiny print Angie's list says that I agreed to automatic renewal every year. I have no intentions of ever renewing again as they have never really helped me find a good business or contractor. How unethical for a business that is created to help consumers to scam their own customers. Add comment

A waste of money. Everyone I look up has no review. And I had to pay extra for the medical section only to find out afterwards that there were no results for what I was looking for. Will be canceling my subscription. Add comment

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