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  • 3 hours ago
  • Advertisements and Cons
  • 14

I didn't even know I was on it until I had a new client call who found me there. I received a number of calls and good reviews and Super Service Award two years in a row. I think it may have been when they were first starting out. Since I do not pay their fees to up my place in results I have found myself getting almost zero calls from Angies subscribers. It seems from the last one I heard from,... Read more

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  • 2 days ago
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  • Search
  • 52

UPDATE........... First, we would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this. We hope that our professionalism, integrity and honesty will help you in making the decision to hire us. Angie's List (AL) is a ONE sided company. We were Service Providers (SP) up until October 13, 2014 but no longer hold that position as Angie's List has made the decision to "excluded us... Read more

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  • Oct 22
  • Home Construction and Repair
  • New Hope, Pennsylvania
  • Bathroom Remodel
  • 3
  • 3
  • 237
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I bought a Big Deal Coupon for 1499.00 on Angie's List for a ceramic shower surround, with demolition, installation, removal of debris and tile all inclusive. I bought the coupon in February, the work started in March, demolition. By the end of May, nothing but demolition had been done, my toilet was sitting in my master bedroom, the contractor kept asking for more and more money, and the... Read more

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  • Oct 22
  • Advertisements and Cons
  • Palos Park, Illinois
  • Renewal Fee
  • 59

In October of 2013 Angie's List tried to obtain (unbeknownst to me) a $28 renewal fee from my PayPal account; however there was only $14.50 in the account. I guess the account was linked to my checking account at my local bank because PayPal took out the additional needed to pay the renewal, all unknown to me. (My PayPal account is linked to an occasionally used email address I have). When I... Read more

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  • Oct 22
  • Advertisements and Cons
  • Review Deletion
  • 137

I wrote a review of a landscaping company that took money for a job they did not complete. The review was extensive with pictures etc... The company lied about the work they did, they wouldn't return phone calls or texts and refused to refund my money. I wrote a negative review and was soon contacted by Angie's list staff asking if I wanted them to assist in a resolution. I agreed. They... Read more

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  • Oct 16
  • Internet
  • Dublin, Ohio
  • Contractor Services
  • 239

There's a huge problem with how Angie's list is setup, and that is there is no way to submit an anonymous review. So I had a horrendous experience with a contractor who would come to work on my house in the AM high, and would spend barely any time at my house so he could work on one of his other 3 projects at other places. His work was so bad I kicked him out & paid him extra so I could... Read more

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  • Oct 15
  • Professional Services
  • Incompetent Company
  • 139

I used Angies List to find a carpet cleaning company. The worst decision of my life. I lost my 2 dear cats due to incompetence. I will never use Angies List again. Their ratings are not of any value because the companies that use their service pay for prominent positions in the search option and for big deals. The company First Class Cleaning in Mansfield TX has not treated me with courtesy or... Read more

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  • Oct 14
  • Professional Services
  • Discount Coupon
  • 196

I called to find out if they were available they said they could go over the house, give a price and then go to work the next day. My fear was because they had a $250 coupon that there rates would be jacked up to give the appearance they where giving you a discount. Prior to them coming we had gotten prices from both Lowes and Home depot to we had an idea. There charges would have been 3 times... Read more

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  • Oct 12
  • Professional Services
  • Medford, Oregon
  • Listed Contractor
  • 83

Esselstrom Construction P.O. Box , 1301 Phoenix, OR 97535. Phone 541-261-3111 lists on their website that they are strongly recommended by Angie's List! Well Angie may do so I do not from experience, I would not suggest this firm to anyone! They did not complete the job! They left a portion unfinished and I had to hire someone else to complete the job! The owner, is very rude, belligerent, rants... Read more

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  • Oct 08
  • Products
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Bigdeal
  • 1
  • 1
  • 172

I purchased a BigDeal from Angie's list for some roof work. The vendor took two weeks to respond, but then said they had too much work. When I contacted Angie's list for a refund, they told me the 30 day limit had passed and they were keeping my $400. I had several exchanges with the BigDeal help desk, but they still refuse to refund my money. I was surprised that they even took the money... Read more

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