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  • Nov 17
  • Plumbing
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Pioneer Plumbing
  • 30

I hired a plumbing company off of sngies list and they completely riped me off i hired PIONEER PLUMBING to clear a clogged drain that they advertised they could fix for $55 but then they proceeded to tell me how they couldnt unclogg my drain gor that price and that i eould need a complete sewer pipe replacement for over $10,000 they were at my house for aprox 20min and didnt even try to unclogg... Read more

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  • Nov 15
  • Internet
  • Elgin, Illinois
  • Angies List Local Business Advertisement
  • 20

A&D Exteriors are one of the worst roofing companies Angies list. They act professional at first glance but underneath that exterior is a company full of totally incapable, under skilled idiots that will produce fasle info and even lie to your face. My advice is to avoid A&D Exteriors like the plague. Also when you try to stand up to them and expose they're bullcrap they suddenly turn... Read more

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  • Nov 13
  • Internet
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Angies List Account
  • 1
  • 1
  • 37

I have done NOTHING remotely illegal, but Angie's List is bullying me, and threatening me. They are using a tactic of enabling a cyber bully client of theirs to initiate their harassment. I have a former client who hates me because he received notice that his porch and deck are "dilapidated and dangerous" and in need of replacement, shortly after I did some unrelated work. This couple think that... Read more

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  • Nov 13
  • Internet
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Angies List Membership
  • 23

I've used Angie's List prior to 2015 many times with good results. "Tried" to use my paid membership Fall of 2015 and kept being steered to SnapFix by Angie's List for a blown out of proportion construction job (min quote $1,200++ & 2 days to complete). It was a simple handyman job (poured 3'x'3x8" concrete slab with 4 bolts)! Neighbor's son took care of this and did a fabulous job in an... Read more

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  • Oct 30
  • Internet
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Tiptons Plumbing And Sewer Service
  • 122

Beware Tipton's Plumbing (Moore). Was a bit disappointed with the $85 charge for an estimate and offer to do a $200 job for (replacing kitchen sink) $710. The plumber came to the house and looked at the job and admitted it looked like an easy, straightforward swap of old, 20 yr. old sink to a new light, double stainless steel sink. He took a cigarette break and called his boss to get the... Read more

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  • Oct 28
  • Internet
  • Springboro, Ohio
  • Angies List Subscription
  • 43

Horrible customer service. Constant, patronizing apologies for an error on their part, but not willing to do anything to resolve the problem in a way that is helpful for me. I will NEVER trust them with my money again! So ironic considering the basis upon which this company was built. Assuring you if you use their list you won't get jerked around and then to be jerked around by them. I don't... Read more

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  • Oct 23
  • Cleaning Services
  • Southbury, Connecticut
  • Chimney Cleaning Services
  • 87

I ordered a chimney cleaning and accidently hit 2 I called angie in 3minutes and was told they would open a case for my 99 dollar error and it would take ten days! in about a week I received an email from angie that said if ibuy a 250 dollar duct cleaning they would put the 99 dollars toward that purchase! and that I should get an angies credit card to pay the balance! extortion at its lowest... Read more

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First, i never could log on after joining! I tried numerous times from 2 different computers and my tablet and could never get to the website. They did quickly refund my money when i called to complain. But after that, i keep getting daily emails, despite having 'unsubscribed' at least 10 times. I also wrote to them twice via the Contact link on the website, but im still getting daily emails. Add comment

They knowingly have posted & failed to remove negative reviews that were for a different company, but listed under my company's name. This costing me potential clients. Add comment

  • Oct 07
  • Internet
  • Asbury Park, New Jersey
  • Advertising
  • 159

I signed up, gave them a $300 deposit in the winter. Being a contractor I wanted to start in the spring, so I started my ad but never completed it. All of a sudden I get busy, I hold off on my advertising and don't complete my profile. They never asked why or reached out to me at all to say what are we doing. Like what does it matter you got my 300 and even if you walk away we got 300 for... Read more

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