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Angies List reviews, Angies List complaints, read Angies List reviews, find Angies List reviews, Angies List scam reports
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  • 130 complaints
  • $101,200 claimed losses
  • $778 average
  • 19464 since Aug 06, 2010

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Angies List
Main address: 1030 E. Washington St. 46202 Indianapolis IN
(888) 944-5478, (866) 670-5478,
Angies List reviews, Angies List complaints, read Angies List reviews, find Angies List reviews, Angies List scam reports
  • 130 complaints
  • $101,200 claimed losses
  • $778 average
Had an experience with Angies List?
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  • Apr 14
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Wood Flooring
  • 15

I am not a angie member and never will be. I am a flooring contractor in Portland Oregon and I was given a bad review for not doing work I was Not hired to do....yes... Husband call and wanted a quote for a repair, wood floor water damage.. I met him, reviewed the job and sent a estimate. I told him the job would have to wait so the floor could dry out. Weeks later the wife called and want to... Read more

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  • Apr 10
  • San Diego, California
  • Review Charge
  • 14

I cannot believe the concept of this company. Angie certainly found a way to scam people. Who ever heard of a company that charges the customer for the review! The consequences are obvious! Do people actually fall for this??? There is no company that can offer a customer anything if the customer needs to pay for the reviews. The customer will be paying the vendor. Once I saw this, I backed... Read more

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  • Mar 23
  • Round Rock, Texas
  • Contractor
  • 39

I heard the ads on the radio, and wanted to file a complaint about a crooked contractor. But then Angies list asks you to sign up and pay. So not only would I have to write the review, but I would have to pay as well. Forget that! My intent was to help other people avoid crooks like Randy Clouse of Round Rock Texas. He runs a scam business called Artisan Exteriors. He damaged my carpets, walls... Read more

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  • Mar 13
  • Account Shut Down
  • 1
  • 57

I paid to look for movers in the state of Arizona and I looked at 25 different listings that she had on her website in one day and they shut down my account automatically for exceeding their daily search limit! I paid to look at their listings and they said I looked too much? This place is a SCAM!!!!! How can they charge you to access their listings and then say you are looking too much, but... Read more

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  • Mar 12
  • Rabun Gap, Georgia
  • Painting Business Owner
  • 76

My name is Brandon, and I've owned a painting business in western North Carolina for years. To say I have a great business is an understatement. My customer retention is exceptional, and local referrals are endless. Angies list charges me a significant monthly fee to advertise, and I was comfortable with this as good advertising placement. Here's where I became very angry with the service. Angies... Read more

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  • Mar 07
  • Uxbridge, Massachusetts
  • Threatening Negative Reviews
  • 2
  • 42

AngiesList is used by consumers to blackmail small businesses into doing free services by threatening negative reviews unless they do as they're told. Completely biased reports. Anyone who charges for "honest reviews" is not interested in getting the truth out. YELP and the BBB remain free and unbiased companies who maintain zero interest in opinions either way. That's the only way you can expect... Read more

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  • Feb 25
  • Hyannis, Massachusetts
  • Bathroom Tile Repair
  • 3
  • 62

We hired a company from Angie's list. The owners made us all these promises…took our money. And ruined more of our tiles than they fixed. Their expert tile guy that was been with them for years, turned out to be a newly hired guy that never did tiles before. He ruined 3 our bath enclosures and left after 4 hours and never returned. Then other amateurs were sent in to fix what he ruined and... Read more

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  • Feb 10
  • Blue Hill, Nebraska
  • Corporate Ratings
  • 1
  • 45

A none customer complaint that says fraud things about my company. I found out they call this person to see what i did for this person. Wow they call one person & get ratings so bad. I called to have removed & said will not. So said delete my company said will not. Called a lawyer & now going to sue Angie's List for defamation. Looks like $100k cover loose. I just can't believe people... Read more

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  • Jan 20
  • Durham, North Carolina
  • Contractor Check
  • 1
  • 86

I joined to check on contractor we had working for us- he turned out to be a crook and wasn't listed in our limited network region because he was a "drifter" so reviews about him may be ? listed at his last place grief. I thought I would use the service but found very little useful info and now believe they are "stalking" me online. If I look up a healthcare provider I'm asked repeatedly to... Read more

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  • Jan 09
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Full Annual Membership
  • 40

I joined Angies List thinking I would have access to all the information listed on the home page, but when I tried to access the "Health" category it appears this falls under the "Additional List Plan" - which requires additional FEES, which is not referenced on the home page!! There is no mention BEFORE applying for membership that this will qualify as a "Primary" subscription ONLY!! This is... Read more

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