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  • 2 days ago
  • Internet
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Awards
  • 104

Angies list is by far the worst company to advertise with and its a rip off! Two years in a row I won there "Super Service Award" and this year I found other advertising that was way less expensive and better, I put the Angies List award on my web site and they kept calling me over and over to advertise with them and when I finally said stop calling they sent me a letter saying I am misusing... Read more

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I worked for a plumbing company in Renton Washington in which I was told by the owner that he was paying $13,000 a year for specific zip code areas for better positioing on Angie site. Add comment

  • Aug 15
  • Internet
  • Austin, Texas
  • Incompetent Painters
  • 2
  • 177

I used Net Siding via an Angie's List promo for 16 hours of painting. Ed Trigo, the so-called "marketing director", came to my home and assured me that his "painters" would do a great job. That was when he wasn't trying to sell me windows. I asked him directly such things as "will they remove electrical plates and light plates to paint under" and his answer was yes. The two gentlemen that showed... Read more

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  • Aug 14
  • Internet
  • Membership Charges
  • 1
  • 81

Angie's List issues is a rip off. Signed up for a one month membership. And wound up paying for 7. They do an automatic renewal though that is not clearly stated when you sign up. I have been out of town for several months and was shocked by the repeating charges. Skip Angie. I want 35dollars returned to my PayPal account for this unethical,disgusting business model. You want a good----ask a... Read more

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  • Aug 14
  • Internet
  • Subcontractors
  • 62

We are a general contractor and we use hundreds of subcontractors. After a really bad experience with a subcontractor who was a second tier sub (sub to a sub) we posted a review to help warn consumers. A few days following our rating we received an email from Angie's List telling us that they would not post our review because we did not have first hand experience with them. We explained the... Read more

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  • Aug 11
  • Internet
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Basement Renovation
  • 196

I don't have anything positive to say about Angie's List. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. We were getting ready for a basement remodel in 2011, and wanted to get contractor reviews in the Boston area. What a joke! Most of the contractors we interviewed either refused to be associated with Angie's List, or had paid to be listed but then quit because of the lack of positive response. I stupidly... Read more

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  • Aug 09
  • Internet
  • Charged Account
  • 1
  • 147

I joined Angie's List when we were redoing our kitchen. I found very few reviews in our area that would help. The fee was only $12 so I wasn't too upset. A year later, my credit card was charged $29 for the next year. I did not know it would automatically be charged. I called and after coercion, they said they would refund my money for this year. It is a month later, and my money still has... Read more

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  • Aug 08
  • Internet
  • Unapproved Review Removal
  • 131

Anyone who joins or not can give a review of a company. Bad experience when a client (who by the way signed up off on a contract job stating how great everything looked) wrote a bad review when it came time to pay our company for the completed services. Contacted Angie's List discussed that our company could prove reviewer had signed off on completed project and started how great it looked. They... Read more

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  • Aug 07
  • Internet
  • Reviews Leads
  • 163

Myself, an interior designer & a friend with 3 retail stores, all highly recommended by iur clients, wanted to be listed. A. We would told we needed to "Join" i.e pay a membership . By the way no questions about our credentials..which we both have. B. We would need to have our clients 'Join".(pay the memebership yearly. in order to post their reviews. C. I recommended my dentist to join. She... Read more

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  • Aug 06
  • Internet
  • Price Adjustment
  • 207

Be Warned! If you are paying more then 30$ a year your paying too much! I have been a member for years paying 70$ each year. Now they have the same exact subscription for just 30$. Once I found this out I tried calling to adjust to this price, cause I don't really need to have this service, but if I'm keeping it I want the cheapest price. The call is what really made me angry. The rep didn't... Read more

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