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Angies List - Angie's List Is A Scam.

Company Angies List
Location West Palm Beach, Florida
Category Shopping
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Angie's List is a scam. After your company gets added they contact you and tell you that your company has been added and reviewed. If you'd like to have an enhanced listing you can pay us for that.

They specifically outlined to one of my vendors that what they would be paying for is good reviews. They achieve this for you in two ways. One is by paying people to write the reviews, the other is by using telemarketers who call current consumer members and pressure them to write good reviews for your company.

So the whole "we are acting in our members best interests" thing is bull! They have one interest in mind: their own.

Angie's List is not honest... you can never know if the reviews you're reading are true or not. 2dff002

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Feb 28  from Saint Louis, Missouri
One bad review after another...Wow...why would anyone pay to belong to this company. You can get better information from your local BBB and its free!
Angies List has posted bogus reviews on our "site", there are some we didn't even do work for. When we contacted these "customers" we requested and received letters stating they had never done business with us. When we approached Angie List with this info, it was blown off as computer error. But they never removed them either. What possible benefit could this company be to anyone?
It must be true "a sucker and his money are soon parted".
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Dec 08, 2013 
I thought I signed up for the free business program. buuuuuuut, as was said here, it was bull----.
also I saw that I actually got a few ratings from supposedly individuals saying that I did lousy work, etc, from people that I have never met in my life. was never at the home, or never spoke to the person behind the write-ups.
soooo, I called her list and demanded that they remove me asap, etc etc.
I told them the issue and they seemed like it was commonplace in their no care attitude they expressed to me.
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Nov 13, 2013 
Absolute rip off. Nothing is free neither for the contractor or the client. Find better ways to advertise because you will be losing at least $260 a month and will be asked to create BS jacked up pricing coupons to attract the "elite clientele of AL" - yes that is how much they care about there members they advise contractors to create those so called deals and they also participate in profits. So future clients of AL, find yourself a professional services websites that are free, it only looks good on commercials.
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Nov 09, 2013  from Raleigh, North Carolina
It is ***. We have to pay a lot of money to post on angies list. Contractors don't pay BS. The reviews are bogus. She is the only company that double dips. brilliant some say while others say she is a scam artist. depends one's ethics.
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Aug 27, 2013  from Fort Worth, Texas
Angie’s List is the worst rip off on the web to BOTH the consumer and to the service professional. I am a contractor. I signed up with Angie’s list in August of 2012. I started the process to start generating review from customers. Now as you see on TV and as they advertise, the service professionals (the contractors) DO NOT pay to be on Angie’s List. Well yes, that’s true, but what they don’t tell the consumer is the contractor has to pay a lot to be on the first page or two of Angie’s so called LIST. So the TRUTH is, yes the contractor does have to pay if they want to get any calls from Angie’s list.
I started paying Angie’s list in March 2013. And amount of $250 a month. At this point I got myself (2) Review from consumer members of Angie’s List, about my company which were great reviews. Which I had to pay the consumer for them to sign up as a member so they COULD write a review about me.
Now yes there is a way for the non-member consumers to write a review about the contractor. With a Fetch Review form which they mail in. However these reviews are NOT seen by the Angie’s List members directly, so they don’t do any good. I had over 20 customers fill out that fetch review and mail them in. Which were ALL perfect Reviews about my company.
After I started paying the $250 a month, I got put on the first two pages of Angie’s LIST. I got (2) calls in 6 months. My profile page was all set up perfect with everything
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Aug 03, 2013  from Baltimore, Maryland
I concur. Its a the bigest scam in the country. their ads run everywhere in every medium. They are expensive. Whos paying for them. You are! If you want any kind of viewable presence you have to pay for 'extras'. Reviews left by your customers who are not paying AL members are hidden. Its absolutely rediculious. once I joined as a business and realized what an absoulte lie the who thing is I just quit asking clients for reviews. My reviews are outstanding BTW but in 14 mounths of AL exposure I have had one meeting with a potential client who found me on AL and it did not progress to a job. I have had dealings with a painter in my area who was beyond horrible and I went to check out her AL reviews and they were great. I wouldn't trust it for the world. Go to Yelp for better (free)reviews. AL Is just one BIG scam only making Angie rich.
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Jul 21, 2013  from Tucker, Georgia
Angies list is a phony/it can be manipulated in two ways, good and bad...as a business owner I can join AL for $14, and write several good reviews about myself under different names, and for $14 it is one *** of a great advertising! But on a bad side, and disgruntled ex-wife, girlfriend...or COMPETETOR can join for the same $14 and smear the *** outta you! I am a business owner, and I AM NOT a member, wouldn't stoop that low...but everyone needs to realize the scam in all this, and don't believe anything you read
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Jul 16, 2013  from Edinburg, Texas
Angie's list is a scam. All of the companies listed on her list can be found at other sites on the web, and are free.
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Jul 14, 2013  from Glendale, Arizona
Angies list is a *** lie. .. they are out for one thing....
Money... and that is all... *** LIE !.... *** . LIE ....
FAT *** IS A LIE..
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Jun 08, 2013  from Hollister, California
I signed up for AL in May 2011 and quickly learned that there were very few actual listings of any value in my area. When I did searches AL was returning service providers 100+ miles away. I could have accepted that. I did after all live in a somewhat rural area. What I could not accept however was the ongoing barrage of emails and phone calls asking me to rate every company which had turned up in a search. Finally one day when an agent called me to ask for references I had enough. I paid money FOR a service, not to PROVIDE a frigging service for AL business. I canceled my membership and didn't even bother asking for a prorated refund. The AMEX card I had used was expiring so I didn't worry about them billing me again. But sure enough one year later in May 2012 they billed me for a renewal. The credit card info they had was expired but the did it anyway!! So I called again, got the charge removed and assumed that would be it. It wasn't. Just now in May 2013 THEY BILLED ME AGAIN. This is infuriating!!! I don't usually post anything like this but I wanted to let others know. ANGIES LIST IS A SCAM AND ALL THEY WANT TO DO IS SEPARATE YOU FROM YOUR MONEY.
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May 27, 2013  from Troy, Michigan
I was called by a real estate agent the other day about an Estate Sale Company here in Michigan. I was told they were on Angie's List. I told the real estate agent why would they recommended this company without doing any research of their own. Americana was not on my list of recommendations.
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Apr 01, 2013 
I have been contacted by her list for reviews of contractors in my area - I have asked her for payment since I have to pay her to read my own reviews - sounds like a scam to me!
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May 06, 2013  from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
I would have to agree and have wanted to post about this for a long time now. I am a freelance writer and have been contacted to write several reviews for Angies list and just leave out the name of the company, which would be added later. Plus only companies that pay to be listed are allowed to be reviewed. Sounds like a scam to me too.
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Mar 31, 2013  from Lexington, Kentucky
Angie's list is a Complete fraud. It is an advertising program disguised as a review organization. For decades there have been legitimate non profit organizations that track consumer satisfaction, promote Truth in Advertising, and work to resolve disputes. They are know as the BBB Better Business Bureau. They are NON PROFIT organizations that are run by volunteer boards. Angie's list bombards our company with paid advertising requests. Allows complaints from consumers that have never used the product or service of the company in question. Any one affiliated with this organization should have trouble sleeping at night!
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Jun 01, 2013 
Andy. Do your research. The BBB is all about profit, and sells A+ ratings to businesses all day. Where do you get your information? :eek
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Mar 10, 2013  from Watertown, Wisconsin
I have had a couple of reviews placed on AL by my customers. My handyman services has never been listed on AL until these reviews were made.
Next thing I know, AL desperate sales person contacts me and wants me to advertise. I have done my home work prior to giving them, "I am not interested" reply. I have asked them to not bother contacting me because I just don't need them as I use FB and word of mouth and stay plenty busy. AL just don't get it and and no less tha 6 different people from AL has contacted within 12 months me since telling me how unfortunate it was that I did not advertise with them. I have read the reviews here and on other blogs and have not found any positive post ( with the exception of AL trolls ) anywhere. If you do a good job with what you do, your customers will be happy and they will certainly let thier family and freinds know about you. Won't cost you a dime.
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Feb 02, 2013  from Jamestown, New York
I had a review from a consumer about 3 weeks
Ago. The consumer talks negative about our business
For a supposed incident from the year 1999 over
14 years ago. Our company did not sell the product
Or service the consumer claims to talk about negatively
14 years ago. I immediately contacted Angie's list
And forwarded the proof and documentation
Necessary to prove my case. I was told that I would
Get a response within 3 business days. Ten days
Later and still no response so I contacted them
Within an hour I received an e mail stating they
Could not contact the consumer for verification
And because the consumer was a paying customer
The review would stand as it is. They allow
A fake and false review to stand for the dollars
They collect. Apparently money is more important
Then the truth so anyone trusting Angie's list beware.
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Apr 03, 2013  from Sarasota, Florida
I suggest you start litigation for defamation, and possibly contact the FBI as per your are being blackmailed to get your companies reputation restored when you did nothing wrong.
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Dec 31, 2012  from Knoxville, Tennessee
i was shocked when I found they actually charged for this service and it opened my eyes wide and am shocked at all the suckers they managed to hook and anyone with a brain knows anyone or business can get people to write fake reviews anytime so no, I don't trust them at all and would never pay for info!
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Nov 01, 2012 
I used the last of my sons' membership about 5 mos..I made one complaint.which went to the car dealership Crown Volvo in Greensboro NC..which upon they did nothing more, Angie's list said, 'We will put in in our "penalty box" for other to review"..Then they asked me to give a review on another one of their contractors that I used before Angie's List..well my review was honest and told exactly how bad the contractor was..I thought they would place it anonymously.NO they said.I said, "well don't post it at all .I'm afraid this guy will come back on me and do something to my home when I'm not here"...after that that just kept hounding me for money to renew the subscription..which I had no intentions of every couple of weeks they when send something to email wanted to give discounted rate if I renewed before it expired...twice I told them to stop,then I just deleted them..YELLOW BOOK is free!..tey recently sent me another request to give a review on a list of contractors that I may have used off their list..problem was I never used any one off their list for the first time..I'm glad they have been exposed..she must have been looking for Christmas $$$..FYI..the BBB get money from the business to not post bad reports..
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Angie's List is a SCAM!!!

COMPLETELY disagree that Angie's List is a good thing.I work for a company that does home remodeling...

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