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Angies List - Angielist is a scam!

  • by   Nov 06, 2013
  • Review #: 456171
Company Angies List
Product / Service Subscription
Category Professional Services
Views 279

You pay 15 dollars a month for something you can find on yelp or google for free

When you go to cancel, they say you are cancelled only to get a bill later. They will tell you it was an error, but it was no error. You cancel again, and the next month the same thing happpens.

Avoid Angieslist. Its become a hot bed of false promotions

I had a local contractor come over to fix my stove. They where "highly rated" the guy wasnt sure how to work on stoves. I was like, what? Seriously, I need you to hook up a gas stove. He came highly reviewed by Angieslist but was horrible in real life. He even admitted his wife went on Angieslist and posted nice things about him. That is the whole post, you are not suppose to do that on Angieslist yet he said they knew all about it and encouraged it.

So keep your cash, go with google or something. That place is horrible 30a6811

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Dec 18, 2013 
I'm new to this site, I clicked the "***" button not realizing it would increment the counter... Usually you have to create an account/log in first to modify something... Sorry.
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Nov 06, 2013 
very good information. I have looked at the site but never jumped in!! all reviews of anything even this site are BY the same posters!! they change names but all the same people.
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