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I cancelled my membership in 2015, for which I paid $4.79. I was just charged for a renewal, again I cancelled in 2015, for 9.99. When I called to get help the message said, I see your paid subscription does not offer telephone support, but if you want to upgrade it so we will talk to you please have your credit card ready. Are you kidding me???? So I did live chat and had to go through all the sales pitch questions for 10 mins only to be... Read more

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Sean Pratt from Diamond Pools is a horrible provider. He doesn't provide weekly services on time. He comes every 10 days at his convenience. I would never use him again. He brings his girlfriend and his kid with him to the job which is unsafe for the homeowner as well.

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Angies List Widell Renovations Bathroom Remodeling Review from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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No, but u can tell u about a home renovation company not to trust: Widell Renovations. They have never completed the reno of my bathroom that they began in mid-June. The first attemp was never finished and was full of mistakes. After my constant complaining, they came back and the owner made notes about every defect and promised to fix. A 2nd tile guy came out and tried to fix a few areas of tile, making it worse. He also removed part of... Read more

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I was a long time customer use them to find people so when I started my own business a few years ago advertising with Her was the natural choice. What a nightmare. Paid a bunch of money for nothing. It's a scam. They lied and will say anything to get you to sign that one year contract. The conversations are being recorded but they won't let you listen to it. They review it and report back to you that it was all on the up and up. The guy promised... Read more

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Destroyed my yard, did not clean up after himself and my driveway is all cracked up and is peeling really bad. Will not fix or even return my call. Rude employees that urinate everywhere, Would never hire this st Paul Minnesota company again. This experience has been a true nightmare, price wise and time wise. I got the name from this website also, and i would appreciate if you update this company so others do not get hurt like i did. I would... Read more

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We have "cancelled" 2 years in a row yet continue to be auto-renewed. We have found Angies's list recommendations to be un-reliable for the quality of service and promptness of parties involved, therefore decided to cancel the membership. We continue to be auto-renewed, 2 years now and have not even used their service this past year. However, we were once again charged a renewal fee for the upcoming year. It is very frustrating and costly.... Read more

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I posted a review for a concrete contractor that completed several projects at my home. He did a beautiful job. I carefully took pictures of everything that he did with a quality camera, made JPEG images and tried to submit them with my informative review I posted. The website does not show you what is actually being posted when you enter a review. Well, none of the pictures that I entered made it onto the review. I contacted customer service... Read more

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Please please remove that Godawful commercial with the monster man standing in door say "Yes, Yes". Creepy and always comes on when I am trying to eat. Please remove this. I would never subscribe to Angie's because of this commercial alone. pLEASE PLEASE REMOVE IT] I USED TO WORK FOR AN ADVERTISING AGENCY, SECOND LARGEST AT THE TIME AND WE WOULD NEVER HAVE USED A COMMERCIAL SUCH AS THIS CRAZY THING. There are no positive ads anymore promoting... Read more

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Gave a contractor F ratings in all categories (Mark Ellis Builders of Ypsilanti, Michigan had a A+ rating, but I wound up firing them for poor workmanship). When I tried to post the review, it just disappeared and a new blank form opened up. Thinking it may have posted anyway I checked the site and it says I have no reviews posted. Angie's list is a/useless and b/a likely scam. Here's the review I tried to post: This was by far the worst... Read more

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The original mission to deliver unbiased and transparent access to contractors has been assaulted. Angie's List has shifted to a pay-to-play recipe and given the wheel to contractors. The result is lost on the homeowners Angie's List was originally designed to protect. I believe the end is near for Angie's List. Lacking transparency, Angie's List will evaporate like the snow in Spring. I have started referring my neighbors to BBB and Houzz for... Read more

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