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Angie's List was offering annual subscriptions in my area this year for $16 -- and they want $70 from me!! Outrageous in my opinion.

I have taken the time to submit many reports and even talked to their phone reps to submit a report. I haven't used the service all that much -- maybe once every two months or so to get recommendation, but in actuality I don't need service people to help me out every month. Once or twice a year at most for me.

Your rates are too high Angie! I used to be loyal and last year's renewal was $30 but there is no way I would renew for $70!

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CALL ANGIE'S LIST (866-623-6088) AND HAVE THEM CHANGE YOUR RENEWAL FROM EMAIL TO POSTAL MAIL. Unlike email renewal, if you are on postal mail renewal, then subscription renewal IS NOT AUTOMATIC!!!

After reading MANY negative reviews of Angie's List, I called them and asked if there was any way to stop the auto-renewal of my subscription. Although I could not find it posted anywhere on their website, YOU CAN STOP AUTO-RENEWAL OF YOUR SUBSCRIPTION! Call and have your renewal switched from email to postal mail. Email notification is automatically renewed with an opt-out option. POSTAL MAIL RENEWAL IS AN OPT-IN OPTION. This means that you have to ask them to resubscribe, and they cannot automatically renew your subscription.

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