Colorado Springs, Colorado

We are a local professional remodeling company in town and was sought out by Angies List 2 years ago because it is no secret that we are the best in town. After 2 years of promising they can put us in front of a larger audience and higher ROI than our current marketing plans, we discussed pricing.

They wanted $5,000 to list in one category, and we don't live in a huge town. We negotiated to $2,000 for the year. We only received one phone call for the entire year and Angies List kept trying to push these "Big Deals" on us for services we don't even offer. After telling them "would you sell a big deal for roofing to a landscaper, because that is pretty much what your pushing us into here," their response was merely "if the landscaper can do it!"...Not, are they the most qualified, or is that what they even specialize in.

To give an example, they wanted to sell us a handyman deal where you can hire one of our general contractors for 6 hours for only $199. But here's the catch, Angies List makes 50% of that $199...So they rudely were trying to sell me a deal where I would have to lose money getting one of my guys to do something that we don't even offer and half the value they are selling it for. Being really frustrated that they only cared to make money off me rather than promote MY SERVICES, which average around $40,000 per project, not handyman stuff, I spoke with a manager regarding this. They didn't care one bit about my experience and said that "clearly you don't want to increase your business by not offering our big deal promotions," even though once again we do not do handyman work PERIOD!

The year was up and they wanted to renew our contract. This time the price was now $12,000 for an annual price. I told them to take a hike! The point is...Angies List doesn't care about your performance as a company, your quality, or even if you offer the services for the category they want you in.

ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY! As a customer or consumer you are sure of one thing, your are paying a fee for Angies List to provide to you a contractor that got suckered into to their BS and whom may not even be qualified whatsoever to do your work at all but is "Angies List Preferred" only meaning they are paying for that title.

Product or Service Mentioned: Angies List Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

  • Angies List Fraud
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