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I own my own business and did some painting for a client,When the job was complete the homeowner asked me to come back to touch up a few things..I agreed.I also brought with me a painter friend of mine to make sure i didn't miss anything..

When i was thru the homeowner said wow great job..Thanks....Then for some reason she Put on Angie's list 3 full pages of LIES !!!

I contacted Angie's list and they said they cannot remove any postings because they belong to the member..

I have received threatening voice mails from the homeowner and I actually had to go to the local Police to ask what to do..

I was instructed to block all telephone #'s and email contact.

I got a call from Angie's List saying that if I do not respond to the client then they will post her ALL F rating in their Monthly magazine !!


  • Great job
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Thanks Rhonda :)


:cry This is very unfair to this person, some people get off by being

Like this, remember he had a helper that heard her say great job. Give the man the benefit of the doubt.