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I am a sole proprietor contractor. I recently received an "F" review from someone I had never met let alone done any work for. The person had sent me an email inquiry via Angie's List, which I never received and never responded to. The result: an "F" rating.

I doubt any small business owners are logging into their Angie's List accounts to see if they have email. No, we are building houses and answering phone calls and direct emails. Angie's List is supposed to send me a notification of when an email is sent, but I never received a notification from Angie's List that I had an email inquiry. Angie's List's response to this: "Check you spam folder." I'm not sure who has time to sift through their Spam Folders looking for notifications of notifications. It's a RIDICULOUS practice.

Aside from not having received an email, my main complaint to Angie's List was that someone that I had not performed work for or even had any contact with should not be allowed to submit a rating. They say, "you can respond to the view". As you all are aware, responding to a negative review does not help your rating. Most people will not look past a poor rating.

Angie's List is having a negative impact on my small business not because I have an unsatisfied customer, but because someone sent me an email via a third party website that I never received.

Not only do business owners need to be aware that Angie's List can HURT their business, those looking to find companies to perform work should not rely on the reviews. They are not necessarily based on work performed!

Product or Service Mentioned: Angies List Website.

Reason of review: Harmful Practices and Policies.

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I have heard of this practice from a business owner recently of the same situation. I find it more on the slander side of the matter.

The person that complained about this business not getting back to them was totally wrong for this slander. The company did get back to them by leaving 3 phone messages that the complainer never checked so they assumed that the company deserved a slander comment.

How wrong, if I were that company I would sue both parties. So don't believe everything you see on Angies List!