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Angie's List allows consumers to shed light on bad business practices. Unfortunately, they should be added to the negative experience list.

Up until today, I was a subscriber to Angie's List since 2008 for two cities. Today I was surprised to receive a notice from PayPal that Angie's List had billed me $70 for a "renewal" subscription. I hadn't receive any notice from Angie's List, they had all my contact info, of a billing for this renewal. I immediately logged onto my Angie's List account and to my surprise found that a $70 "renewal" was charged for....a Classic Car subscription.

It also showed I had my two "regular" city renewals coming up. However, it also showed a Health subscription for both cities was attached to them.

I called the customer service line and spoke to a young lady who transferred me to another young lady to assist me. The CSR listened to my story.

She then said my record showed I was a member beginning in 2008 which was correct. Then she said that the Classic Car subscription "used to be included" with the regular subscription. They had separated it and are now charging $70 for it. Well, I told her I am a retired senior woman who has absolutely no interest in cars.

I told her I felt this was very deceptive of Angies List's management. I believe this is a betrayal of my trust in their service. They send me all kinds of emails each week about their service but never sent me one about my upcoming $70 subscription! I am sure they have thousands of people who don't check their credit card, bank, or PayPal accounts and notice these "renewals".

The people who sign up for Angie's List are looking for honest business people. I had recommended Angie's List to many people but will now warn them of this new method of splitting off a part of their service and then charging them for something they didn't request or want. My wanting the Classic Car subscription would be like the young representative I spoke with signing up for a subscription to AARP. She understood exactly what I meant.

I have received a refund of the money they took from my PayPal account and cancelled my subscriptions.

Very disappointed in them since I thought they were "one of the good guys" out there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Angies List Membership.

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I think its infuriating that they make it so difficult to kill your "membership." Believe me, they want people to get charges unexpectedly bc many people do not check their CC statements. This is deliberate deception.

Thank you for warning people through this post!!


I recently had a recurring charge show up on my checking account statement for Angie's List. Bafflingly, I have never used Angie's List nor signed up for any of their services.

Somehow they got my payment information and have begun billing me for services I don't even use, nor have I ever used.

Seeing as I just noticed this tonight, it's too late in the day to do anything about it. But I feel like I've been stolen from.


Angie's Pissed


I noticed I too was in for an auto renewal so I contacted them on the web site and sent the following ...

My account defaults to auto renewal in a year. I did not select this as an option when I joined and I would like to disable this 'feature'.

Please advise.

They responded with the following ... too late though they lost my trust ...

Thanks for contacting us at Angie's List.

As you requested, I have set-up your account so it will not automatically renew. Instead, you will receive a reminder in the mail 30, 60, and 90 days before your expiration date.

If you do decide to renew your membership with us, you can respond to the mailing, give us a quick call, or go online. If we don't hear back from you, your account will expire.

If you are concerned about your account lapsing in the future, or would find it more convenient to keep the account on an automatic renewal, we can set you up with an email notification that will be sent out 30 days prior to the renewal as a reminder. If you would like to switch to this option instead, or if we can help with anything else, just let us know.

Sad that I had to contact them to opt out of something I did not know I had opted into!!! Bad Angie!


I have experienced the same process for the past two years. I'm sure I contacted them in 2013.

Here's their exact reply from my email archives:

"I have set-up your account so that you will receive a reminder in the mail. These go out 30, 60, and 90 days before your expiration date. If you do decide to renew your membership with us, you can respond to the mailing, give us a quick call, or go online. If we don't hear back from you, your account will expire."

This June?

Billed to my credit card.

Which is even more interesting in that they haven't had my new expiration date in two years, so they must be guessing when they rebill the card, since I obviously haven't been giving it to them when I get a new card.

The more I hear from contractors about Angie's List and their practices, the less interested I am in doing business with them. I advise you to do your due diligence, yourself, before using their service.


Angie's list is a membership scam. They keep your credit card on file and will even change an sold credit card number.

I've been trying to get a credit now for a month.

Talked to 4 different people who all tell me they are getting a credit issued.

Don't join. You'll be charged every year forever.


I was not able to stop automatic renewal via the website; this is consistent with other posts. I was able to cancel via live chat. Transcript as follows:

Jacqueline W: Hi, my name is Jacqueline W. How may I help you?

Me: I do not wish to renew my membership; but the web site does not appear to provide this option.

Jacqueline W: I can help with this. I am sorry to hear you wish to cancel with us. We always appreciate member feedback, so if you don't mind me asking, what could we have done better, David?

Me: I did not find the service useful. Please confirm that my membership's cancellation.

Me: I also found the website disappointing in that it did not make it easy to cancel automatic renewal.

Jacqueline W: I'm sorry for any trouble you had finding what you need. Do you mind letting me know what services you were looking for on Angie's List?

Me: Yes I do mind. Please cancel my membership.

Jacqueline W: I apologize about any frustration caused with this.

Me: Please confirm my membership's cancellation.

Jacqueline W: I’ve set it so your account will not renew. Keep in mind, your account is still good through 7/16/2013 in case the need arises.

Is there anything else I can do for you today?

Me: Issue a message confirming my membership's cancellation,

Jacqueline W: I will send you an email confirmation and you can use ############## as a reference number as well.

Me: Thank you. Even if I had found the service to be useful, I would have still canceled out of principle because of the website's design that thwarts easy cancellation.

Jacqueline W: You're welcome. And, I am sincerely sorry for any inconvenience in the cancellation process.

Jacqueline W: We certainly do not want to make the cancellation difficult for you.

Jacqueline W: Is there anything else I can do for you tonight?

Me: You have been most helpful. Thank you!

Jacqueline W: Thanks again for contacting us. Have a wonderful week!


The only way to prevent auto-renewal is to not join Angie's List in the first place. I had the same experience of them saving my Paypal account information on file without any notice, and stealthily auto-renew.

The only reason I knew my membership was renewed was via a "payment sent" notice from Paypal!

I wouldn't be so upset if Angie's List provides a good service, but it doesn't.

I used Angie's list to hire several different companies to perform various services on our home (gutter cleaning, painting, window cleaning etc.) and I have to say their ratings and reviews are not reflective of the company's actual level of service. I think it's a factor of Angie's list just not having enough volume to have sufficient number of reviews per company.


Angie's list now amounts to a scam with what it takes to stop the account. There is no warning that your account is going to auto-renew and there is no way to delete your billing information.

This is a company that touts saving you from the scamming practices of others. They have no regard for whether you are satisfied or not so why would you trust their advice?


WOW....I WAS SCAMMED BY ANGIES LIST!! They made the initial search look like they had data on the company I was researching so I paid the fee to get the information.

Once I paid there was no additional into on the company! WHen I tried to cancell the acct via their online form I was redirected to a chat que. I wanted nearly a full hour and got to next in que where I wanted another 30 min for no response.



THEFT- plain and simple.

Just found they renewed automatically and charged my Papal account.

Was signed up for only one year.

No notification requesting renewal - and I know we never agreed to a multi year subscription. Why would we? We agreed to try it to see if we liked it - so why in the world would we agree to a multi year arrangement without knowing what it was all about.

Deceptive is not the right word.

This is theft.



CALL ANGIE'S LIST (866-623-6088) AND HAVE THEM CHANGE YOUR RENEWAL FROM EMAIL TO POSTAL MAIL. Unlike email renewal, if you are on postal mail renewal, then subscription renewal IS NOT AUTOMATIC!!!

After reading MANY negative reviews of Angie's List, I called them and asked if there was any way to stop the auto-renewal of my subscription. Although I could not find it posted anywhere on their website, YOU CAN STOP AUTO-RENEWAL OF YOUR SUBSCRIPTION! Call and have your renewal switched from email to postal mail. Email notification is automatically renewed with an opt-out option. POSTAL MAIL RENEWAL IS AN OPT-IN OPTION. This means that you have to ask them to resubscribe, and they cannot automatically renew your subscription.


I did this and when I received my postal renewal notice it was $20 more for one year. A real ripoff for a company who professes to be a consumer advocate.


What if you're a two-time Angie's List Super Service Award-winning business? Unbelievable as it may sound, the company I work for has won Angie's List Super Service Award twice in the last three years, an almost impossible feat, yet in their communications with my boss their tone and word usage is down right nasty.

Brainless. This is the kind of business that consumers pay an Angie's List subscription to find. What can they possibly be thinking?

Angie's List has a public relations crisis and apparently doesn't know it or doesn't care. They seems to have a god syndrome.


After signing up in October, 2010 for a 3 year subscription for $23, I thought I was getting a great deal. I liked the service (although I only used it once really) and liked the idea of the website.

However, this October I was charged $30 on my Paypal account (with no notice of course).

I called and the customer service rep said that "it appears" that I only signed up for a one year subscription. Unfortunately, I had to cancel my membership to receive my current $30 back, and I'm out the $23 I spent last year for a 3 year subscription.


They wanted my password for me to buy the Big Deal. I have bought at least 5 big deals this year and used credit card only with the information they have on file. Is this how they can charge for renewals?


Same story, different customer. I receive emails from Angie's List almost every day with specials, newsletters about companies with deceptive practices, and other random information.

But I never received a renewal notice noting that they had bundled my service to include health care and classic reviews. The charged me over $93 for the "bundle," which I did not want. When I checked their website it was hard to decipher because what they show online is discounted pricing for new members. So in addition to being charged without their knowledge, loyal, long-standing customers get charged approximately 25% more than new customers.

When I called to complain, the rep was professional, credited back the healthcare review costs and gave me the new member rate.

He also added me to a list of people who get emailed when they're due to renew--as would be the expectation from any reputable business. This is really bad considering the business they're in. People use their site because they're looking for businesses with integrity.

Angie's List seems to be on very shaky moral footing here. There are a number of competitors in the same business now and these business practices won't keep them around for long.


thank you ALL for this info. I was just about to join Angie's List thru Pay Pal as I have an upcoming move; I think I'll pass thanks to you people. :)


I found Angie's List difficult to use. Also we moved and I couldn't change my service area without an additional charge!

I phoned to cancel service and got a hard sell from the customer service rep to continue service. But she finally agreed to cancel the subscription. She evidently didn't though because a renewal charge showed up on my credit card. I contacted them again to cancel and the rep was VERY snotty.

He did finally agree to issue a refund though.

I phoned my credit card company to put a block on charges from Angie's List. The credit card rep said I wasn't the first person to complain about unauthorized charges from them.


This 'auto-renewal' practice is deceptive and should be brought to the attention of State Attorney Generals and maybe they can ban it. Some websites are wising up and quit but many just want to get a few extra bucks.

I think it will backfire on them through lost customers. Complain to your State Attorney General.


We definitely need to get word out to the world to beware of their billing practices as related to site access and nonexistent service.

I just thought I joined Angie's list or at least all indications were there that I had, they accepted my information and debited my Paypal account within seconds of completing their form. Now that I tried to log on to Angie's list to read reviews there is a pop-up box that does not allow me access unless I agree to grant them full automatic privileges to debit my account for membership renewal in the future. I only signed up for one year of access to see if it is a tool I want to utilize. In short, I paid and I have no service. I believe this is called theft in some countries. There is nowhere in writing during the membership process that a prospective member will not be able to utilize Angie's list unless they agree first to allow Angie's List complete at will access to their payment account.

I have e-mailed them with no remedy. I have not called them because they do not want to hear what I have to say right now.

I will now have to go to my bank and set up a new debit account so they cannot process unauthorized debits to my current account.

Really, do not join Angie's List unless you feel comfortable with them having at will access to your payment account.