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Angie's List allows consumers to shed light on bad business practices. Unfortunately, they should be added to the negative experience list.

Up until today, I was a subscriber to Angie's List since 2008 for two cities. Today I was surprised to receive a notice from PayPal that Angie's List had billed me $70 for a "renewal" subscription. I hadn't receive any notice from Angie's List, they had all my contact info, of a billing for this renewal. I immediately logged onto my Angie's List account and to my surprise found that a $70 "renewal" was charged for....a Classic Car subscription.

It also showed I had my two "regular" city renewals coming up. However, it also showed a Health subscription for both cities was attached to them.

I called the customer service line and spoke to a young lady who transferred me to another young lady to assist me. The CSR listened to my story.

She then said my record showed I was a member beginning in 2008 which was correct. Then she said that the Classic Car subscription "used to be included" with the regular subscription. They had separated it and are now charging $70 for it. Well, I told her I am a retired senior woman who has absolutely no interest in cars.

I told her I felt this was very deceptive of Angies List's management. I believe this is a betrayal of my trust in their service. They send me all kinds of emails each week about their service but never sent me one about my upcoming $70 subscription! I am sure they have thousands of people who don't check their credit card, bank, or PayPal accounts and notice these "renewals".

The people who sign up for Angie's List are looking for honest business people. I had recommended Angie's List to many people but will now warn them of this new method of splitting off a part of their service and then charging them for something they didn't request or want. My wanting the Classic Car subscription would be like the young representative I spoke with signing up for a subscription to AARP. She understood exactly what I meant.

I have received a refund of the money they took from my PayPal account and cancelled my subscriptions.

Very disappointed in them since I thought they were "one of the good guys" out there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Angies List Membership.

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I contacted Angies List regarding who their affiliates and 3rd party associates as stated in privacy policy.sent me a link that states they dont give out information when privacy policy clearly stated it did...very decietful from onset..wouldnt trust that lies from start.course they give it out..how else they make sponsors.


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