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There will never be a truly legitimate review site on the internet and for anyone to think that a paid membership site like Angie's list will be any different is wrong. Today I joined Angie's List and after I paid my money I realized that I had only paid for search access to a specific local geographic region that had been determined by Angie's list based on my zip code.

In addition to this I was informed that if I desired to obtain access to other geographic areas that I could do so but only after paying an additional fee for it. So let me get this straight, If I live in a certain zip code and join Angie's list I am limited to Angie's list designated businesses represented only in my geographic profile and if I want to review a business outside of my geographic profile I must pay more money for that ? I canceled my membership today as well. In addition they say they are working hard for the consumer and that they don't work for businesses, but then why are businesses allowed to have their negative reviews removed ?

and why are businesses being solicited by Angie's list for better business listing advertising pages (for a fee of course). Any system can be broken, especially a system that makes claims they are not upholding. How can any review site that generates revenue from both consumers and businesses not have conflict of interest issues engulfing their business ?

Look out ! Just another smoke and mirror magic show here !

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I agree that Angie's list is awful. At the time we were not knowledgeable about the scam that Angie's list is.

We hired Butel Contruction who did an absolutley horrible remodeling job on our home.

Yet they pay Angie's list an enormous amount for advertising and get great "reviews." I noticed the bad reviews are BURIED on the website. You really have to dig to get to them.

I would not recommend Angie's list or Butel Construction to anyone!


I love the comment about they are audited. I'm in business, and have been audited tons of times for various things, and in general, it is a total joke. We have flags and certificates saying glorious things about us and we just laugh about it.


I'm sorry you've had such a negative experience with Angie's List. We're all about local and do our best to provide members with ratings, reviews and information that is most relevant to them and their service needs and experiences.

We value the feedback and critiques you've provided, but I do want to correct you on one claim you've made: Angie's List does not allow ANY company or individual to remove their negative reviews. We're audited annually by an outside firm to ensure our practices are fair and we're giving everyone equal treatment, regardless of whether or not they advertise with us.

John N

Angie's list is really a scam and a way for someone---not you, to make money. Who in their right mind would actually believe the reviews on Angie's list???