Pensacola, Florida

We logged into the website to check out Angie's List after we moved into a new city/state. "Angie" sure makes it difficult for you to realize she CHARGES you for this service.

Hmmm...that tells me that if she's willing to charge for her service, why not charge the businesses on her list? We never went through joining and after reading these complaints, glad we didn't. I don't have to PAY a good neighbor for the same -but better advice!!

This really was a good concept and I have nothing against someone developing a successful business; however, we were turned off with the fee and the fact that the businesses also pay to be on her list. What's the point...

Product or Service Mentioned: Angies List Website.

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Just like bmf said angie list want companys to pay to be at top of the search, I get calls all the time even after i tell them I have no interest in paying


As a small business I paid to be on Angieslist last year. This year they doubled their price to $30,000 for the same postings as last year?

Angie has been lured by greed and has become the very type of company she originally tried to warn the consumer about! It's a sham, especially when they wouldn't even respond to my request about being reasonable


Wow, Angie's List is a scam company too? Shocking!


businesses don't pay to be on the list


They do if they want found.

Charge us for top placement.

Charge us for placement in their monthly magazine.

Charge us for a Store Front on their Web Site.

Charge us for mailing campaigns.

Charge us to be found by keyword.