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Angie's List is a scam. After your company gets added they contact you and tell you that your company has been added and reviewed. If you'd like to have an enhanced listing you can pay us for that.

They specifically outlined to one of my vendors that what they would be paying for is good reviews. They achieve this for you in two ways. One is by paying people to write the reviews, the other is by using telemarketers who call current consumer members and pressure them to write good reviews for your company.

So the whole "we are acting in our members best interests" thing is bull! They have one interest in mind: their own.

Angie's List is not honest... you can never know if the reviews you're reading are true or not.

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After looking at several reviews on Angie's List I am pretty sure that they add fake reviews to their site. While it looks like they leave the negative reviews, they bury them with tons of fake positive reviews. From years of dealing with Amazon products, I've learned to completely ignore 5 star reviews because most of them are fake.


I think ANGIES LIST is a spin off scam co of TRUMP! total waste of time - ALL i am going to say/waste bc I ain't wasting more time typing crap about this BS svc: ANGIE.

if the below (from ME, to contractors on ANGIES LIST) ain't detailed enough what I want done..THERE'S A PROB and it ain't ME. Anglie can blow it. Contractors listed by "ANGIE" either didn't show up, didn't reply, or worse.. One contractor did show up - only to say, "i don't don't do this kindda' stuff".

WELL.... can anyone with ANGIES LIST fricking read?? This below list/email to prospective contractors aint detailed ENOUGH / WHAT THE HECK I NEED DONE / WHAT ONE IS BEING ASKED TO PERFORM/PROVIDE JOB QUOTES:"Hi, Rafael - Have a few projects I need done asap, please. However, the project about "the pavers", that project is to be done very last.

Thank you.

Look forward to hearing from you - J.B.Need nine (9) holes dug & placement of four (4) 'concrete pier blocks' in 4 holes - all holes to prep for assembly/installation of soon-to-arrive carport (8'x10') to arrive (carport is being assembled/installed by a company) & to plant small trees; Need placement of wire mesh fencing (20' x 32' x 40' x 12') - fencing does not require any digging/posts - will use zip ties/stakes/mallet; Need (~ 200 sq ft) area (gravel/soil) leveled, with all gravel removed & surface area level (and without medium/large-sized rocks) to prep for placement of artificial grass (already purchased/pre-cut, but will need cutting to fit small ground area of ~ 200 sq ft - grass will be secured to ground with ground spikes); Need placement of (5' x 3') wood gate (gate already purchased/built, but I need two (2) holes dug & placement of 2 wooden poles & brackets/secure gate to pole [doesn't need handle or latch/lock]; Place/secure 2 (6' x 8') pre-assembled bamboo panels (exterior), stabilizing both with ground support; Ground surface for all needed projects is gravel/soil; Need RV door (2) screens (31" x 23" & 20" x 23") replaced; Need placement of sun blackout screen at RV exterior windows & placement of RV windshield (exterior) UV shield; Will reimburse for fuel, expenses/materials; After all projects completed, need estimate for placement of concrete 4' x 12' pavers (no cement) at 8' x 20' area (surface to place pavers is soil/gravel); Need all trash/left over materials to be hauled off to dump yard; Need small propane gas grill/tank, 2 RV tires and small inflatable raft - all hauled away; Will need contractor to pick-up all needed supplies and plants at Home Depot. Thanks - J.B."


Did you really just blame angies list on Trump? You idiots are everywhere!


That's what I thought too


We had a new furnace installed, the sales guy told me Angies list gave their company a high rating & review and they have never been contacted or ever talked with anyone at Angies list so they have no idea how they got the review, they didn't even know they were on there. Angies list is just tricking and scamming people....I see a class action lawsuit on the near future


Yes just like Yelp. Angies list told us for $3600 a year they would take care of all the reviews.

All professionally written by reviewers in our state. All fake of course.


I looked on Yelp for a plumber to fix a waterheater that I could not get to start. They asked for the make, then told me to order over $100 worth of parts because they don't keep them in stock.

It turns out on that model of water heater, you have to hold the button down for about 30 seconds after the pilot light lights. Luckily I looked up the problem on youtube before paying a ton of money for something I don't need.

I can only imagine they would have charged me another $100 or more to come out and fix the problem, probably without even "troubleshooting" it first. It looks like all reviews for anything online are suspect and should not be trusted!


I had a water problem in my basement and I went on Angie's list to find a reputable repair company as it turned out the repair company had already been into give me an estimate which was way lower than when I went through Angie's list and as it turned out they had a terrible reputation


Companies get to pick and chose what reviews are posted. I know this for a FACT!


I am on the customer end..and joined Angie's list. Started looking for information on bogus reviews because two veterinarians in my area that are deplorable(both from personal experience and other people consider them the worst), get high ratings on Angie's list. This makes me very suspicious.


On the money. This is a business model that will eventually fail, but for now they're scamming people right and left, under the guise of helping consumers and good companies. They really should be ashamed.


Who would AL recommend? A good and reliable contractor who did not pay them or a bad and unreliable one who paid them?


Angies list uses a web service called "trilion reviews pros & cons.com"


My company is on AL just to be on it for free and if any of my customers want to leave a review. But I refuse to pay them anything.

I don't need their paid service to get customer calls. They called, asking me to give them my list of customers and contact numbers and I would not do that. It does not seem right for me to give out my customers' numbers and the AL rep said that they will check the list and only call people that are already AL members. Um, no way.

I am not that trusting and I will always put my customers first. Bottom line, I just use AL for the free biz listing but I get most of my calls from my free listings on craigslist.


I have no doubt about this at all. Angie's List IS truly a scam.

I would never trust them for referrals. I live in the Metro DC area and would ONLY use the unbiased WASHINGTON CONSUMER CHECKBOOK listings. And you don't even need to subscribe to the periodical to get it.

Just go to the library and look it up for FREE either by the hard-copies on the shelf or the more updated on-line version. NEVER use Angie's List, for SURE !


angies list is a great big lie they take your money I don't care Told me I would get the call center and all traffic and if not olot of jobs come in they would advertise til they did When I called and said have not received any jobs yet and you have took 800.00 dollars out of my account. they said my reviews were not enough.

what happened to the only gutter cleaner in the call center. They took all the money was not assamed.

If we the contractors half *** did are job we would not last long. I do see this happen to this company.


Angie's list is such a scam. They charged my co, $ 13500.00 for advertising everything went great. I have received an f grade on a post from the son of a client I worked for his father 12.5 years ago and he's contacting me now about the job we did 12 years before that was poorly installed so he said complete lie, the fact remains that Angie's list post complete lies and deceptions they are a untrustworthy and unreliable for a contractor site the BBB is still the best way the go Stay away from Angie's list


I used a a couple of companies from angie list and they were horrible but they are top rated on angie's list


I just joined AL 2 months ago as one of my competitors who is a fraction of my size has over 147 (!) A positive ratings and seemed to be thriving on AL for leads & biz. Now that I'm a biz member I've gotten two glowing customer reports in a month- problem is neither one is a customer, but they specifically mentioned my company name.

Clearly my competitor has learned how to "scam" AL's system.

Plus, a friend was contacted 2 weeks ago by AL after her search on their site wanting to "help" her write a review on a company. As she tells it AL put words in her mouth and steered the whole conversation in the "positive" direction they wanted for a member company's grade of an A.

AL is a complete fraud!


I think this review hit right on. I received 3 bad reviews from people we did not do work for.

There were circumstances that was explained to each on why we were unable to do the work. Yet we received bad reviews and the folks @ angies list said the bad reviews affected calls for work.

At one time we were listed on page 1 & 2 now they put us on the bottom of page 4. We have gotten good reviews from people we did do work for