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COMPLETELY disagree that Angie's List is a good thing. I work for a company that does home remodeling.

A third party tried to hire my employer to do work on a house that they don't own. When my employer stated that for the company to do the work they would have to have authorization in writing from the home owner the person became irate. Then the person requested that my employer deliver building materials for a $25 fee (normal delivery from the store in question is $75). In the interest of good-will my employer did that and then just out of pure spite because my employer refused to do work on a property without proper authorization this person went on Angie's List completely slamming my employer.

My employer NEVER knew Angie's List even existed and has an "A+" rating with the BBB for over 15 years. Long story short, Angie's List is a way for crack-pot type people who hold grudges to pay money and then attempt to ruin others when they don't get their way.

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I have an x-employee that happened to be a member of Angies. He wrote a fake review about my company, pretending to be a customer, gave me an F rating.

I contact Angie's, tell them the situation, they want proof, so I send application, time sheets and W-2 form. They write back and say that a hand written application is not enough? Well, how else does a person fill out an application. They they want pay stubs.

Well, I don't use the pay stub system, I'm a small company. The x-employee contacts me, laughs, and says, I was contacted by Angie's to ask if I had worked for you, I simply told them no...I asked angie's since I had sent all this proof, and the burden is on me, what has he sent to prove he had an awful experience w/our company. They claim the burden of proof is on the contractor? OK...so I remain w/an F rating...1 person makes a false claim, been in business 25 years, and I have an F.

Bunch of scammers this company is.

They never checked if his review was legitamite.


We are currently looking into a class action against Angie's list. With a wife and daughter that are lawyers I can do this.

This should be a way we can recoup lost revenue from defamation. anyone else out there contact Kenn@probuilder.net


My husband and I would definitely be interested in a class action suit for defamation. sarah@jphandy.com


We contacted Angie's list about an F report by someone we have never worked for. They replied with we could comment.

They refused to post our rely because it questioned the validity of Angie's list. This person that posted an f rating has never talked with our office nor have we done work for that person.

Angie's list tries to sell us advertising constantly. i am sure if we paid they would fix this problem.


This makes everything so cmopletley painless.


Never used it, but it is evident that it is a scam. You have to pay for information is the first clue that it is not legitimate.

you can find out information on your own through FREE internet searches, talking to friends and family, and directly interacting with the service providers you want. Noone should have to pay if you can research on your own-remember we are in a bad economy and people are desperate to focus on one's gullibility-don't buy into it!!!


If you think Angies List is about anything other than $$ or that they verify ANYTHING other than charging your credit card then I've got some GREAT beach front property in AZ to sell you....Angie's List is a shake-down artist of the first rate and deserves to go out of business!


The reason angies list dosn't jive with your searches on a company is that there reviews are verified. The consumer or in some cases their competitors can't hide like the public reviews you find for free.


I have started a site much like Angies List. This input will assist me in making mine better and more reliable information.

I will be discussing with my site builders the ability to add the businesses response to ratings by consumers. Thank you please visit www.deanswordofmouth.com


I have stopped using Angie's List (about 3 years ago) because my own research didn't jibe with their rating's. Good Luck