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Angie's list is a total scam!!! I went there to check it out to list our business and thought I was signing us up. What was really happening is that each CONSUMER must pay like $34/year to have access to any reviews! How outrageous!

I was able to find out how to register our remodeling business, but consumer be ware... Angie's List claims that business are not allowed to pay, but that isn't true. There were tons of things that we could "upgrade" to that would give our business better consumer response, but all were at a charge!

If you are looking for a great, and I mean GREAT, referral service, try Service Magic ( There, for free!, you can read real customer reviews and see rankings on you local businesses.

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Same thing happened to me. Beware

Mount Mourne, North Carolina, United States #1053427

Absolutely, we need to spread the word.

Houston, Texas, United States #607974

sign up first and then find out they want $$$.... that right there shuld have warned me. :( :( :( :( :(


I really felt this must be a scam, is there really a angie? Wow people are really soo lazy that they can not even check into a business themselves. It is very easy in this day of the internet.


Angies List told me if we pay more we would get better reviews.No thanks, as a business owner we would love leads .

Who wouldn't but I'm not willing to pay to be on the top of the list . I'd rather be on the top of the list due to our customers loving us and doing a great job.

It's really sad that people are being mislead by this company and others to make money off us hard working business owners while the bad contractors pay to look great.Thank god flow word of mouth and the fact that there are many of us wiling to do the right thing.


I have seen Angie's List give high rankings to businesses I received very bad service from. I wouldn't trust anything from that list. There is something really wrong with it.


I've had issues with angies list, yelp and city search. I actually go to to get reviews on any business. I would recommend just taking a look at it and seeing if its for you..whether your the business owner or the consumer.


I am curious about PBN Connect? Sounds like a bid notification company where the consumer submits a project and then it's sent to businesses near me. Knowing anything about this company?


I've posted elsewhere about this. I create web content for a living. I've been paid to write a series of reviews of Angie's List, although I don't usually know where my content will be used. This client didn't mince words about where it would be used.

Some of the reviews on Angie's List are posted, both positive and negative, by reputation management companies. Believe them at your own risk because I've written some of them.

I wouldn't care much about this, but I'm bothered by the TV advertising stating this doesn't happen.


I disagree on your review of Service Magic.If you ask any business that subscribe they will tell you that Service magic charges the businesses high fees for their referrals.

My brother has a business and uses Service Magic so I know they have high fees.

I'd rather pay for the service on Angie's list because of the high quality of their contractors.

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