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Angie's list is a total scam!!! I went there to check it out to list our business and thought I was signing us up. What was really happening is that each CONSUMER must pay like $34/year to have access to any reviews! How outrageous!

I was able to find out how to register our remodeling business, but consumer be ware... Angie's List claims that business are not allowed to pay, but that isn't true. There were tons of things that we could "upgrade" to that would give our business better consumer response, but all were at a charge!

If you are looking for a great, and I mean GREAT, referral service, try Service Magic (servicemagic.com). There, for free!, you can read real customer reviews and see rankings on you local businesses.

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Same thing happened to me. Beware


Absolutely, we need to spread the word.


sign up first and then find out they want $$$.... that right there shuld have warned me. :( :( :( :( :(


I really felt this must be a scam, is there really a angie? Wow people are really soo lazy that they can not even check into a business themselves. It is very easy in this day of the internet.


Angies List told me if we pay more we would get better reviews. No thanks, as a business owner we would love leads .

Who wouldn't but I'm not willing to pay to be on the top of the list . I'd rather be on the top of the list due to our customers loving us and doing a great job.

It's really sad that people are being mislead by this company and others to make money off us hard working business owners while the bad contractors pay to look great. Thank god flow word of mouth and the fact that there are many of us wiling to do the right thing.


I have seen Angie's List give high rankings to businesses I received very bad service from. I wouldn't trust anything from that list. There is something really wrong with it.


I've had issues with angies list, yelp and city search. I actually go to www.natcpb.org to get reviews on any business. I would recommend just taking a look at it and seeing if its for you..whether your the business owner or the consumer.


I am curious about PBN Connect? Sounds like a bid notification company where the consumer submits a project and then it's sent to businesses near me. Knowing anything about this company?


I've posted elsewhere about this. I create web content for a living. I've been paid to write a series of reviews of Angie's List, although I don't usually know where my content will be used. This client didn't mince words about where it would be used.

Some of the reviews on Angie's List are posted, both positive and negative, by reputation management companies. Believe them at your own risk because I've written some of them.

I wouldn't care much about this, but I'm bothered by the TV advertising stating this doesn't happen.


I disagree on your review of Service Magic. If you ask any business that subscribe they will tell you that Service magic charges the businesses high fees for their referrals.

My brother has a business and uses Service Magic so I know they have high fees.

I'd rather pay for the service on Angie's list because of the high quality of their contractors.


I would never use or do I care about this site for work. word of mouth is all I need.

I would never give this worthless woman a dime. Been doing HVAC work for 30 years now and am pissed that this woman makes millions for knowing nothing about our trade. People need to stop useing her web and put her out of work. look for some other scam Angie?

Get that fat *** of yours out in the trade and learn before you think you know anything about what we do. STOP HER NOW LET'S SHUT HER DOWN.


this lady starts a web page then brings in money for a trade she knows nothing about. *** she could not even change a light circuit.

If this were a web for us in the trade and started by one of us there would be no problem. But to give this woman money for knowing nothing what a joke. Hey angie how about working for 30 years of hard labor then tell us something you rip off.

Keep on letting undocumented mexicans use your web to get work. YOU SUCK.


Angies List is it a Scam... or not, you decide:

In October of 2011, I was called repeatedly by a sales person from Angies List. They had been calling me for over 4 year....monthly I had refused their services, on this day they said they had referrals on Angies List from customers of mine.

I was now interested, They said I must sign up to see them, I balked at that as that does not appeal to me, sign ups are a way to soak people for unearned money.

After much debate with the slaes person, three calls in all, I signed up for a 3 month run.

They sent me a contract I should have read more clearly, shame on me...

I called on the first week of March 2012 and told them to cancel the account.

No reply, I called again on the 20th of March after the took an unauthorized 100.00 out of my bank account.

They disputed their own words and said I signed up for a full year.

I told them; "Do not bill my Card again" and the took another $145.00 off my card unauthorized with 5 days.I realized after I signed up that the referrals they told me I had were not customers of mine and they had been planted by Angies List to get my business.

This is fraud, they enticed me into a contract with false information and they may doing this as we speak.


As a business owner I know advertising is effective and it does cost. Service Magic is the least effective and much more expensive than Angie's List based on my experience.

Service Magic sold me leads at a high price and if the lead I received wasn't really a qualified buyer I was still expected to pay Service Magic unless I complained and Service Magic agreed with my complaint. No Service Magic for me.


Thanks for posting this review! You have all more than proved my initial review on this site! I wonder where Cas (AL employee) is now! ha! Come on Cas, say something! I don't think you can. Defend this Cas... under my complaint Cas said(and I quote) ...

"Written by Cas from Angie's List on August 10, 2010

Twirls, I assure you nobody listed on Angie's List is allowed to pay for good grades and reviews. If we find out a contractor, doctor or company is buying memberships in exchange for favorable reviews, offering financial incentives or otherwise bribing members to say

positive things, we take swift action against that individual or business. Paying for reviews and grades on Angie's List is simply

against the rules.

Can you get me the name of the Angie's List employee that provided this misinformation to your vendor?

As I said before, we invest a great amount of time and resources into ensuring we have a fair reporting process. It's concerning an employee would advertise otherwise and we'd like to get to the bottom of this

as quickly as possible.

Thank you!


What a bunch of BS!!!


John, Angie's list in no way solicits itself as an advertising agency. They solely market to potential consumers as an advocacy agency with unbiased reviews.

They're double-dipping...

No two ways about it. The calibre of actors on their commercials should tell you what a joke the business is.


Angie's list helped me find an excellent roofer. I am very happy.

As a business you should expect to pay Angie to advertise your business. If you provide excellent service the ad will more than pay for itself.