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There should be a class action lawsuit started against Angie's List.

1) The site incorrectly charged me when i signed up. The sign up walks you through one price, then after you submit everything it charges a higher price.

2) You will get spammed constantly by Angie's List

3) You can not post a review of Angie's List on Angie's List - you get an "oops" there is an error message when you search or try to post anything on Angie's List with the terms "Angies List".

4) And Most Importantly - I have had PayPal for almost 10 years and NEVER had a problem. After signing up for Angie's List, my PayPal account was hacked (i was paying via paypal).

They also want YOU to pay for being on Angie's list and then they want YOU to write the reviews???!! That is just insane - so what are you paying for?!

Product or Service Mentioned: Angies List Membership.

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Angies list never was worth a when it was free. All it was was just a bunch of deadbeat old bi.tches ruining ppls businesses by spreading lies. Telling lies on ppl to try and avoid paying for services rendered.


I had a subscription to Angie's List. I agree it was a joke.

You sign up to find out you have to pay MORE to get recommendations from different areas of interest. In other words, you want to know about a doctor, you have to subscribe and pay more money to get that information. You live in one state and your parents live in another. I wanted to check out someone on Angie's List, only to be told I needed to pay again to get info in that AREA.

Mind you, NOT state, but that CITY ONLY. They charge you PER CITY! I also found numerous errors like places had wrong addresses or businesses who went out of business. When I reported it to their customer service, I was told "I" needed to fill out the forms and "I" needed to MAIL them in.

They would not accept emails. I was told that I knew the information and they couldn't verify it. BS.

I signed up for six months and I ended up using it zero times because stuff was outdated, wrong, etc. Save your money and find another way to hire people you need.


I don't care if "angie" knew or not. I did not sign up, my paypal was hacked.

Three years ago I used their website and it was in itself a scam, erasing all your reviews. Doctors can pay to have no bad reviews on there. Kaiser doctors. Enough said.

I have been spammed for the last two months with non stop Angie's List email's. Then my paypal said I used it. I hadn't used it in two months. I only use it for Ebay.

I checked my email, and there it was...thank you for your payment to Angieslist. I mean I also saw it on paypal, but I thought it was a mistake. How do they *** your info? I've changed homes, credit cards, and insurance since then.

Even passwords.

I hope whoever does this gets caught. Thanks


i guarantee the 4th review is someone that works for angie.. angie seems like a ***!!!


I’ve always thought of myself as a savvy guy, but Angie’s list suckered me in. I signed up at one price for a trial and they socked me for a full year with automatic renewal.

I paid thru PayPal and tried to cancel.

PayPal just laughed. Apparently they are partners in the scam.


I agree. You can get and give reviews all over the net for free.

It makes no sense. Its like paying for Classmates in a Facebook world


I am a business owner. Angies list contacted my business, his name was Steve. Had to be the rudest sob ive ever talked to!!!!!!.Angies list is a SCAM.


First off don't blame them for your paypal getting hacked they didn't do it paypal is secure you did something wrong. Second I've used this site and they have never charged.

Third well no *** they want you to write the reviews ONLY if you used a company what do you think a review is they can't just go out and use EVERY comPany then write a review. Think.