Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Angie's list is the biggest scam around!

Trying to resolve an issue with them is impossible because they have people working for them who act like robots, and just repeat company policy to you over and over again like a broken record. Anyone can go on their website and complain about your business and leave disparaging remarks, and you have no recourse except to manage your profile. Even if you manage your profile;the remarks, true or false, cannot be removed and Angie's list protects the "Rights and Identity " of the person leaving the remarks. Even if you no longer have a business, they refuse to delete the business listing because it is not their policy.

Most of the businesses listed on the site don't even exist anymore. They just try and make it look like they actually have a following.

Angie's List is a Fraud ! Avoid Avoid Avoid!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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