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While working for a contractor, I had suspected Angie's List was mostly a bogus deal as their commercials say "you can't buy your way onto Angie's List" but yet they continuously solicited us for advertising. According to them, the reviews were real and they would not recommend a company that had less than a "B" rating.

Well I no longer work for the contractor and out of curiosity I joined Angie's List yesterday. Even though this contractor has a 1 star rating on Yelp, many bad Google reviews, bad Merchant Circle reviews and the BBB has currently pulled their listing and "reviewing" it, Angie's List has this business rated as a "B". Even though in the last 18 month this business has had ALL D and F reviews except for ONE. Angie's List just wants the advertisers money.

This was made even MORE clear to me today. Yesterday when I signed up for Angie's List the price for my area was $9.99 and they offered a 20% coupon so my price for the year was like $6 and some change.

I got a Groupon ad today for Angie's List that claims the regular price is $19.99 and with the "Great Groupon Discount of 55%" you can get it for $9.50.

Basically this is abusing the Groupon idea and just another way that Angie's List is scamming for money. I will be cancelling my membership today and will have no part of this company.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: I doubt there is a solution for shoddy business ethics.

Angies List Cons: Are not intersted in a fix.

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