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Angie's List now has secretly begun a policy called 'On Deck' engine, that masks search results of providers with lower than a B average rating, leaving subscribers to conclude that their 'no-hit' search must mean there are no reviews on the sought provider.(I discovered this after submitting an "F" report on an auto repair facility that fraudulently insisted I new brakes & rotors, which I documented by immediately taking the vehicle to a Hyundai dealer who confirmed in a report that the brakes & rotors were in no need of service.) I wrote a detailed review which Angie's List accepted and filed in my submitted reviews, however, when I tried to find it by a search, the report and provider resulted as a 'no hit.'

I called Angie's List and was advised that this was holey due to 'On Deck.' I asked for an explanation in writing and received the following:

Tier2 Member Care

Sep 25 (2 days ago)

Thank you for speaking with me today. Per your request, here is an explanation of our On Deck program:

The On Deck program was implemented by our Executive Team in an effort to provide our members with the best information possible when searching the List. Our research indicates that 90% of our members come to Angie’s List looking for highly rated providers by performing a category or keyword search. Given this, any provider with less than 2 reviews and an overall grade lower than a ‘B’ is considered On Deck and excluded from category or keyword searches. These providers are still visible by searching for the provider by name.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Thanks Again,

Angie’s List l Tier 2 Member Care

1030 E Washington St

Indianapolis, IN 46202

866.625.5478 ext 75589

Fax: 317.632.3831


I, in turn, replied:

Thank you for responding with an explanation of Angie's List's 'On Deck ' program.

I must persist in warning your company that you are playing with fire, if the company continues to mask* undesirable service providers without any disclosures to the public.

Case in point: Is Dr. Gwen Korovin**, accessible on Angie's List's New York City's Health providers? What if this doctor was 'On Decked' due to negative reviews and one of your subscribers used her services after a 'no-hit' search due to poor reviews and this subscriber subsequently died?

** Dr. Gwen Korovan is under investigation for medical malpractice in the negligent death of Joan Rivers.

* The term mask might be deemed an inappropriate depiction of 'On Deck' within the confines of the Angie's List organization, but be assured, it would be one of several negative terms used by the press and in litigation in the real world.

How did 'On Deck' make it past your corporate attorneys?

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