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I wanted to cancel my Angie's List subscription. Went online, and was forced to go thru a long 'dont leave us' chat exchange:

Amy C: Hi, my name is Amy C. How may I help you?

Tim T: Please cancel my subscription

Amy C: I am sorry to hear you wish to cancel with us. Was there something we could have done better?

Tim T: Please cancel my subscription!!!

Amy C: I understand that if you're not using the service right now, it may seem like an unnecessary expense. However, I'd be happy to offer 20% off the renewal rate if you'd like to continue on with us. This way you will have the service available should anything come up. Would you be interested in this?

Tim T: Cancel my subscription and dispense with the sales pitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy C: Since you currently have access to all the services we offer, we can tailor your subscription so you only pay for what you need. Do you primarily use our Classic list for your home, yard and car needs, or do you use the Health list?

We can remove those services you're not using and discount your membership by 50%. How does that sound?

Tim T: I'm reporting you to the Better Business Bureau

Amy C: I do see that you have until 9/28/2012 left on your membership. I can set your account so you receive an email notice 30 days before your account is set to renew. If you decide that you no longer need our service at that point, simply respond back to the email we send or give us a call to cancel your membership.

Tim T: Are you refusing to cancel my membership now????? OUTRAGEOUS!!!

Amy C: No, I can cancel it for you or I can set your account so you receive a paper statement in the mail 30 and 60 days before your expiration date. If you wish to renew your membership, simply give us a call or go online. If we don't hear back, though, your account will expire. This will give you access to your membership until the expiration date just in case the need arises.

Tim T: I can not believe that a 'consumer advocate' like Angies List would make this such a cumbersome job. Cancel my subscription!!!

Amy C: As you requested, I've set it so your account will expire. Your subscription is good through 9/28/2012.

If you need help in the future, we'd be happy to welcome you back. Just sign into our website to renew. We also look forward to any reports you can share in our health and service categories.

Is there anything else I can do for you today?

Tim : Tell your people that I'll be posting this exchange on

Amy C: Thanks again for contacting us, Tim. Have a good day!

Amy C has disconnected.

Product or Service Mentioned: Angies List Membership.

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I have asked 10 times to unsubscribe me still get calls and emails and apparently the sold my info I’m getting calls from all over the country DO NOT USE AngIES LIST


Do not subscribe to Angie's List. It results in an automatic renewal to your credit card and you have to go through a very difficult and unpleasant process to stop the renewals. I had a terrible experience with them.


Haha --- I just had this same issue! So funny (not).


blah blah.

PLEASE cancel

blah blah...

Took me threatening to dispute charge.


Yes! I have tried to unsubscribe and I STILL keep getting Angie's onslaught on emails. Bring on the FTC lawsuit!!


It is 2016. I am having trouble

Unsubscribing and I have a free membership!


I had the same issue today with Angie's list. they make it very difficult to cancel membership and force you to chat with them.

i ended up having a similar exchange with them.

Such a waste of time. I will never ever subscribe to this site again.


Angie will NOT get away with THIS one. I never give up when someone treats me this way. Standby for news!


It is very difficult to to Cancel Angie’s List Subscription.

I was informed that since I canceled I would not have my membership renewed. That was months ago then today I received an e-mail from them that stated: “Keep in mind that your current plan will no longer be offered to new members, but because we value your membership, you have the option to keep it.

And if you don’t take any action, your current membership plan will renew on June 17, 2014″ This is all after they indicated to me they would not re-new my membership since I requested that I did no longer wish to remain a member. I found out it is almost impossible to unsubcribe to Angie’s list. Only time will tell if Angies List cancels my membership and does not charge my credit card for a service I do not want and I informed them as such.

It is my opinion and experience that Angies list makes it exremely difficult to un-subscribe to their service. :cry


Yes. I have found it difficult to find the information about how one cancels their membership to Angies list but I finally found out how to do it and canceled my membership.


I actually said Tim T was a "but whole", but it got filtered.


Tim T is a ***, what a ***...the rep was being pretty nice I thought.


I was an employee of Angie's List. What is funny is I was that same employee Amy C.

I was fairly new and just had my butt handed to me. Because this was posted (the entire conversation) I was threatened by Angie's List that I would be fired for basically doing what they told me to do. The only reason was because it was public. We are at home workers with hardly any training whatsoever.

We had to pretty much figure it out on our own. They give us a script to follow and if we do not try to retain at all we can get fired or are threatened to lose our jobs and are not even employees but independent contractors so we would be screwed if they did fire us. I am no longer working there and I quit on my own terms. I do not agree with the business practices of the auto renewal policy's.

It should be very clear if it is on an auto renewal so the customers are not surprised, and you should be able to cancel without hassle.


My experience wasn't as bad.

Jacquelyn T: Hi, my name is Jacquelyn T. How may I help you?

Jesse Lee: Would like to cancel membership

Jacquelyn T: I am sorry to hear you wish to cancel with us. We always appreciate member feedback, so if you don't mind me asking, what could we have done better, Jesse?

Jesse Lee: limited amount of reviews

Jesse Lee: please cancel

Jacquelyn T: I apologize for any frustration or inconvenience this caused. I am happy to offer you a 20% discount if you would like to remain a member. Is this something I can do for you today?

Jesse Lee: please cancel

Jacquelyn T: As you requested, I’ve set it so your account will not renew. Keep in mind, your account is still good through 08/06/14 in case the need arises.

Is there anything else I can do for you today?

Jesse Lee: I want to be refunded and cancel member not stop renewal

Jacquelyn T: I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. Please allow me one moment to process your refund.

Jacquelyn T: I have also cancelled your membership and a refund of $17.40 will be returned to your account. Please allow a few business days for this to process on your financial institution's end.

Is there anything else I can do for you today, though?

Jesse Lee: That will be all, thank you.

Jacquelyn T: You're quite welcome! Thanks for chatting with me. Have a great night.


I just went through this tedious process. I found it helpful to copy and paste "No. Just cancel my membership." I kept pasting this phrase into the chat box over and over and over until I got the response I was looking for.


WOW....I WAS SCAMMED BY ANGIES LIST!! They made the initial search look like they had data on the company I was researching so I paid the fee to get the information.

Once I paid there was no additional into on the company! WHen I tried to cancell the acct via their online form I was redirected to a chat que. I wanted nearly a full hour and got to next in que where I wanted another 30 min for no response. I THINK THEY HAVE INTENTIONALLY BECOME THE SCAMMERS NOT THE CONSUMER ADVOCATES.



I got the same speel.

However, at the end she refunded my money back. Same "Amy".

I havent receivd themoney yet, but she did say it would take several business days.


Hi,I'm an investigative reporter - I am currently writing a piece on Angies-List. On a public forum, I do not want to go into further details, but if you could contact me that would be great.

I would be happy to pass over to you the information I have collected from other people who have been seriously mistreated.

Please email: All the best


I had the SAME Experience!! To use Angies list service when you sign on you have to agree to allow them to charge your credit card and renew you EVERY STINKING YEAR automatically WITHOUT THEM giving you notice.

I signed up through PAYPAL and then tried to access Angies list. The only way to get through is to check that they can automatically charge your credit card every year. I never got through the system to use it. Had the same experience.

It took more than 20 minutes to get the same- as Tims review. They want to send a paperbill in 6 months and give you a "free subcription for 6 months that requires you to agree to having your credit card charged without notice.

NO WAY will I do business with a company like that. THIS IS NOT A CONSUMER ADVOCATED COMPANY!!