Saint Petersburg, Florida
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The magazine Angie list sends out is a joke. I tried to get estimates on a door replacement and called @ 8 contractors that were in the magazine and only one sent out a person to work up a estimate the other seven tried to work over the phone instead of sending out a person to give a estimate on the project I wanted done, some of the contractors took my number but never called back, a secretary hung up on me, another gave me a hard time.

Why even receive the magazine if you can't use it. I dropped Angie's list.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I joined Angie's list a couple of years ago. Got a great contractor from them.

I no longer need the Angie's list services but I am being charged $9.99 every month or every three months on my credit card and I would like this discontinued.

thank you

Carolyne Ruffilo -


i receive the Angies List "magazine"...WOW...what a mess!

How on earth does one even find a business they're needing.

I'm looking for a good plumber, we have a rather large job, but in searching thru the pages, is like a schitzophrenic 9 yr old put it seriously a joke having all sorts of adds all jumbled together.

For instance, in the middle 4 pages, there's adds for plumber, Real Estate Agents, Roof cleaning, Flooring, Landscaping...its far too confusing trying to find a plumber so I'll just do my searching on line...and seriously, Lo's in on Angies list?

For shame! I'm now reading that Angies list cannot be trusted...

guess i wasted a few dollars joining this crazy advertiser mess, the magazines great for starting wood-stove fire...