Bellevue, Washington

i signed up for the "free" month. i forgot to cancel and, of course, got charged every month. when my husband saw it -- he called them to stop.

in the meantime -- i guess i told them we owned a small business -- they bugged abosolute *** out of us to "join" the list.

this is the same "list" that "nobody can 'pay' to be on." huh? angie's making the money and why on earth would you need to pay for a list of contractors, etc. every single month? do you have THAT many things go wrong? they DEFINITELY have peeps who paid to be on the list. stear clear.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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I signed up for membership on a promotional. I did hire a general home remodeling contractor who I was quite pleased with his work.

What I didn't like about Angies List is the constraint they put on you of where you can look. I had a business soliciting carpet cleaning in my area. Their home base was not in my area, therefore, I could not read the comments without paying another fee to add another location to my account. However, if I spend time and call Angies List, they would verbally give me the reviews.

I did not renew my subscription. There are way too many other "free" internet searches that can give the same result.


I totally agree. Don't waste your money...

It's all a scam. All a contractor has to do is list their company with the site so that when you do a search, you get the impression that reviews may be present. Once you sign up, if your home address is not in the search area, you won't be able to successfully search for the contractor as search results are localized to the home address you list when signing up . Whether you are a member or not, if there are no reviews listed for the contractor, Angie's list does not indicate so.

You will be blindly signing up for a website that may or may not have the desired information.... The site is a joke...


I just signed up and found out that if I want to see reviews of medical professionals in my own city I have to pay an extra $15!!!!!!! What a crock!

They definitely are a rip off and 5 minutes after I signed up I emailed them asking for my money back. Tomorrow i will call them.


have paid subscription to angie's list-tried to evaluate a mortgage company that is out of my "city" membership area-I would have to PAY additional membership fee to see reviews on a company not in my area-what an insult! this company is in money making biz-NOT to help comsumers get reliable information

cute business model, eh?


I would trust Better Business Bureau over for profit site any day.


You don\'t need to pay anything to find good contractors, doctor, dentist, etc!! Go to the Better Business Bureau website and choose a company that is NOT a BBB member and has no complaints, or very few!

I stress not to use members because they will give the member the benefit of the doubt over the consumer because they have agreed to abide by the BBB guidelines, so choose a non-member and those with no complaints or very few. A member can be your last resort.Contractors-check their license(s) and proof of insurance as applicable. They should have at least a C class license.Doctors\' licenses will be verifiable by the state board of physicians or dentistry. Some may be licensed in multiple states.

Check for complaints where they are licensed. Also verify if they have insurance if you are having surgery or other procedures. I have found where patients can grade the doctor\'s performance.

Other business services or products may require licenses, they should at least carry a business license from their city/county. To know if another license is needed, contact the city/county where the business address is from.


:( Yea, i'll say why would you have to pay to see or put yourself on this list. And who to say if you even get the right information period!

I'm sorry another person trying to make a buck. :( :sigh






I agree, Angie's sucks.


I can understand a contractor paying monthly to be on Angie's List- but WHY would a potential CUSTOMER pay? LOL- That does not make sense- Pay Angie AND the contractor?? That' Nuts.


Absolutely agree, Angies list is a big ripoff, members are funding their big advertising expenditures. Be smart and stay away.