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Angie's list received a complaint about my company, and I filled out the "conflict resolution" paperwork "agreeing" to meet the members demands.

-Angie's list was supposed to remove the review.

-Angie's list did NOT remove the review, which violates their policy.

The catch is that the Angie's list member hired be to follow another contractor.

When I got there to do the job, the work was not done by the previous contractor, and if I would do the work it would put peoples life in danger. This is a porch and deck in Chicago. I was to remove a section, and raise it when I replaced. I told the customer that I could not do it, and replaced it without raising, giving them $100 off the $1000 total for labor.

-The customer has lied in their libelous reviews online, and say I was paid in full. The payment history, through chase, proves my version.

-The customer has lied about other details.

-The city of Chicago deemed the structure "dangerous and dilapidated". The pic that I posted shows the repair work that I did, and how someone could easily fall off the roof on two sides, especially if the section is raised more than one foot. It will be like it is on "stilts". The previous contractor was supposed to build two retentions walls, and raise the roofing, so that I could raise the walkway...but they did non of that work.

-The Angie's list member began posting the libelous negative review all over the internet, following the notice that they are REQUIRED to

rebuild the structure, "Plans and architect" required.

-Angie's list did NOT accept my agreement to raise the section of the deck, and working with the customer, the city, and the new builders. I said "Yes" I will do it, but it has to be SAFE for the members tenants.

-Angie's list is keeping the NEGATIVE review, and threatening to post the members complaint in an upcoming news letter (or whatever you call their little publication).

-I've filed complaints with an Attorney who is looking into a class action lawsuit.

-By doing this, Angie's list is superseding Chicago law, and putting contractors life, career, and freedom in jeopardy. If I do the work and someone falls off and dies, I will be worse off than not complying with Angie's List. However the alternative, to have a one-sided version of a negative review (that is libelous) posted for all to read, is not acceptable either.

-Angie's list has a history of bullying the little guy.

If you have a similar story (Especially, regarding "the big deal" or any other billing/monetary "issues" with Angie's List), please use information published (not sure what appears after posting) to contact me.

Otherwise, post a review HERE, with the title "class action law-suit against Angie's List"

Reason of review: Angies list is overstepping their authority, which would put lives at risk.

Preferred solution: Angie's list might destroy my reputation and company over my "safety concern" that was validated by the city of Chicago. Angie's list should follow their policy and remove the negative review, and reimburse me for tort payment..

Angies List Pros: This is about angies list.

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I posted another review on Angie's List that stems from this incident.

Angie's list is retaliating, and saying anything that I post online regarding this client of theirs, is Harassment!

I am HARASSING their customer by posting negative reviews on ANGIE'S LIST. I posted her on July 31, approximately 3 months later Angie's list started retaliating against me.