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Why I cant search services beyond my primary zipcode? I thought part of my membership when I signed up, which was a selling point, was that I will be able to use angie's services for all my properties that I've own.

Else it would be no point for me to sign up for something that would be useless from this point on if I can only get one zipcode services. I am really disappointed at this moment as i need a service for one of my property In Las Vegas, NV. Also keep in mind, I hardly use Angie service for the money that i paid for. Now it is even a complete waste of money since I cant even search beyond my primary zipcode.

The goal is to keep your customers happy, and angie list some-what accomplish that in some ways, but afterwards, they dont maintain it by trying to charge more for a little something like searching beyond the primary zipcode? There is soo many companys that is in need of customers like me, and angie list are preventing opportunity for small businesses to earn their customers, all because of trying to charge extra for searching services beyond the primary zipcode?

Sounds to me like a nickle and dime business again as business gets too big, too fast and now they think they can control the market? I am really disappointed of how Angie's List is taking their business mission to a opposite direction to satisfy their customers like me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Angies List Membership.

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Angie's list is a scam, pure and simple. All you are doing is paying good money to read what a bunch of dopes living in your area think about various services.

Purely subjective opinions and mostly worthless. Like reading the review on where you have a bunch of people who say business A is wonderful while others say it is terrible.

All you can do is talk to friends and neighbours. Why would you pay money for something like this???