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They say contractors cannot pay to be on Angie's List BUT ..

Angie's List markets to contractors to ADVERTISE on Angie's List. The savvy salesmen tell you that if the advertising doesn't work for you can cancel at any time. WRONG! Read the FINE PRINT, because in the fine print it says they will charge you 35% of the total contract to cancel. So the VERBAL agreement and statements made by their REPS are all a scam to get you signed up KNOWING that you will have to buy out of the contract.

After 6 months of trying the advertising/web key words and monthly booklet they put out with NO results we decided to cancel.

So instead of trying to hear our side, verify what their rep told us they ignored emails and phone calls. They turned down an offer to accept half payment, which we felt was fair after spending HUNDREDS of dollars for months with them. Then they turn us over to collections, who guess what , ACCEPTED the half payment amount due.

IF we ran our business and treated our customers like Angie's List treated us we'd have bad reviews on their site and be out of business.

Shame we can't post a review ABOUT Angie's List on Angie's List. If we could they would get an "F" rating.

The Reviews on Angie's List posted by homeowners offer good honest businesses no defense but to hire a lawyer when their MEMBERS blatantly LIE. Even when you provide supporting documentation to PROVE the homeowner is lying all you hear is that they are a MEMBER driven site and are not mediators. Well maybe they will change their minds when the lawsuits start rolling in.

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Not only do they allow contractors on Angie's list but apparently there is no system to keep contractors from commenting on their own services under your name. I was asked to go to Angie's list to put in a good comment on a known window contractor who had installed windows for us, only to find out the sales person had already written a review under my name.

Their is no way I would trust Angie's list for any contractor review. Go to the Better Business Bureau.


Angie's List charges the contractor and then tells you that you need to get customers to post comments and grade your service but the grading doesn't count unless they join. They are using you to increase their own business and if the market increases in your area (because you've helped them do that) then your monthly fee goes up with the contract renewal.


You are right. I am contractor going through this right now.

All they care about is getting your money, don't matter if if is from the consumer or the service professional.

They charge a lot of money but do provide the leads. You will pay home advisor a lot more money in a month, but it will bring you 5 times the amount you spend.