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Angies just renewed my consumer membership automatically for $69.

That seemed high so I went to their web site and found a page of subscription prices.

For my area a 1 year bundled subscription was supposed to cost $29.

I called and was told that renewals are often charged higher than initial subscriptions where they are trying to attract customers. So probably a bad idea to let them renew you automatically.

Also we hired a cleaning service through Angie, paying Angie (also $69) for 4 hours of cleaning.

The cleaners came and cleaned, and told us they get none of the money, Angie keeps it all. Their explanation to the cleaners was that they will do the first cleaning for free, but get a new customer they can charge for future cleanings. I asked the Angie customer service rep about this. He denied it, said Angie only keeps a fraction of the amount charged. However the cleaners had no reason to lie, I believe them.

Angies list is a potentially useful service, its main weakness being that most vendors are rated based on a very small number of reports, often 1 or 2. This is not an adequate sample size to judge a business. They do try to keep the reports honest, but as is often pointed out, it is easy to plant favorable reviews using a consumer account that is not obviously connected to a business. Angies main problem seems to be a certain sleaziness in their business practices, perhaps patterned after some of their D and F rated companies.

Product or Service Mentioned: Angies List Membership.

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Hi,I'm an investigative reporter - I am currently writing a piece on Angies-List. On a public forum, I do not want to go into further details, but if you could contact me that would be great.

I would be happy to pass over to you the information I have collected from other people who have been seriously mistreated.

Please email: ken101clarke@gmail.com. All the best