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I was called by an Angie's list sales person and I agreed to a monthly ad with monthly payments and that if I was unhappy, I'd simply stop running my ad (At the tune of $1200 per year)

I wasn't happy as I got no calls so, I decided to stop running the ad.

I was told that I agreed to a 1 year contract and if I decided to not pay for it, I'd have to pay $420 for a cancellation fee or I'd be turned into collections and have my credit effected. I specifically told them on the phone that I would only agree to a monthly agreement as in the landscape business, there is not reason to advertise year round.

I tried calling Angies list on Numerous occasions. Each time, I got transferred back to their collections/sales department and told there was nothing I can do. Pay or face collections. I told an investigation was being opened but, have heard nothing back from them. I filed a complaint with both the Indiana Better Business Bureau and the Michigan Attorney Generals office. I'm hoping that they can help me. I know if I pay Angies List the $420 fee, that this will go away but, that's extortion. Please don't advertise with Angie's list. They are an advertising company. Not a customer service company. If you have any problems with them, you will find no help. If anyone has had this type of experience or know what I can do, I'd love the advice. I'm at a loss.

Follow UP:

I only got help with this after I contacted the Michigan Attorney Generals Office and the Indiana Better Business Bureau. A letter from Angie's Legal Department (as they have no customer service. It is a sales and collection company), They agreed to let me out of my "Agreement" and are no longer forcing me to pay $1,200. Please share this information with anyone looking to Advertise with Angie's List. You will NOT get what you are promised and, there is no one at Angie's list who will help you.

Thank you, Michigan Attorney Generals office and the Indiana BBB. Please contact them if you have these issues.

Product or Service Mentioned: Angies List Membership.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Good for you to get rid of this very dishonest company. Somehow, they hide the renewal clause and just assume that you are keeping the contract forever. If you gave them a bank account number or credit card number, check your statements for bogus charges, even years later.