Sioux Falls, South Dakota

My husband used Angie's List one timr to get reviews on a hotel in MN. The acct was free to use, or so we thought.

Over a year after using the acct we noted they had been billing my husbands credit card 3.25 every month as it was in fact not free. When I called cms to have the charges refunded the csm informed me the service was only free for two months regardless of how often or not you had used it. They would automatically bill you monthly after the first two free months. I explained to her it had been canceled and the cc closed.

She then informed me the cc company had an agreement with them and continued the acct over to the new cc acct. They had billed us over 40.00 for using the acct for one hotel review! I was angry and felt mislead. The csm offered a six month credit of 19.50.

She then went on to over their services for 9.00 for one year, are you kidding me ?! Why would you advertise it as free then bill me for over a year then when I'm angry and don't trust your company offer me a " better rate".

Be up front with your charges to your customers, be true how your service works, offer the best deal out of the gate, and then maybe you would retain your customers. I will fight the unauthorized charges with the cc company and never use AL again.

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