I am a contractor in Las Vegas.We are a small company it is just me and my wife.We do bathroom remodeling.We are a a + member of Angie's List.Recently we did a job for a customer that ended up giving us a bad rating.When we were doing the job the customer was all smiles when we finished he said good job thank you very much. Then he slammed us on angies list.tThere was nothing we could do. We figured oh well there's some crazy people in the world.We called the Angie's List they said they can't pull the bad review but we need to get people to sign up and write good reviews to offset it.it's all about them making more money.They don't care if they're helping to kill small good businesses.It's totally unfair.People who pay for Angie's List are getting the biggest snow job ever.tThe United States should do something about Angie's List.tThey're helping too weaken small businesses.

Product or Service Mentioned: Angies List Customer Care.

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