New Hope, Pennsylvania
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I bought a Big Deal Coupon for 1499.00 on Angie's List for a ceramic shower surround, with demolition, installation, removal of debris and tile all inclusive. I bought the coupon in February, the work started in March, demolition.

By the end of May, nothing but demolition had been done, my toilet was sitting in my master bedroom, the contractor kept asking for more and more money, and the subcontractor disappeared without a trace, leaving nothing behind but a huge mess. A second inexperienced subcontractor came in to finish the work. He also made a huge mess, broke my handmade ceramic tile, installed the tiles crooked, I told him to leave at the end of the week, and never come back. I told the contractor that I intended to take him to small claims court, he said "Go ahead, you won't get anything, I filed bankruptcy, Google it!!" He had filed bankruptcy in September of 2013, I bought my Big Deal Coupon from this Angies List Super Service Provider in February of 2014.

When I went to Angies List for support, they asked him for his side of the story. He basically said I wanted a total bathroom remodel, which was a lie, and that he did not owe me anything. So Angies List said it was out of their hands, directed me towards BBB, and offered me a Free Year of Angies List. I told them that not only did I not want a free year, I no longer even wanted to be a subscriber, to cancel my account.

Angies List makes money off of these Big Deals, they did not offer me a refund on their cut, and they just basically said, "that would be a problem between you and him." So now I have hired a reputable tile setter to repair, replace, and finish the mess that my bathroom became. I have posted pictures on another website.

Angies List has turned in Big Business, not your local neighborly recommendation from someone who knows. I am done.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Angies List Cons: Lack of support.

  • Rovase Associates Llc
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Try if the business is not listed, they will fond one and research them prior to sending you the info. I am a new business and that is how they got a hold of me. I will be listing my company on there shortly (We do post contruction cleaning)


Angies list is is responsible for ruining the reputation of alot of reputable business people simply because some lonely neglected unhappy housewife got on there and posted lies.


could have told you that Angies list is a scam years ago


Wasn't the whole point of "Angie's List" to prevent consumers from being screwed over by dirtbag service providers who maintain the mantra of charging large for a cheap job poorly done?