Cocoa Beach, Florida
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Aaa quality fence is on Angie list. They did not fulfill their contract on my fence.

Did not use galvanized nails per contract. The rust was dripping down my new fence.

He wanted to charge me more to fix their screw ups. Unbelievable!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Marked and scuffed home in course of the cement work. Did not bother to clean up. Cement started cracking within a few weeks between 8/27 and 9/15. They called me for final check, at this point I informed them of the issues I had with their work and that would be with holding final check until issues were corrected.

SLR informed me that work was not guaranteed. Informed SLR of a mess they made, concrete on gutters and on foundation, did not clean up anything. Took pictures of all issues. They also did damage to my driveway.

The black top sunk in from their truck, oil stains. The salesman is a smooth talker and what a sales pitch given. Very disappointed with their work. My review so correct and I have so many pictures to prove it.

You're wrong with your reply and bulling me and threatening me with a lawsuit to change my review. But my view stands, you do a sloppy horrible job. You're a bully because you didn't like my review. And have proof of that too.

Description of work: Re-cemented two stoops and walkways in front and in back of home.

OverallF PriceF QualityF ResponsivenessF PunctualityF ProfessionalismF Services Performed: Yes Cost: $12400 Work Completed Date: 09/15/2015 Hire Again: No How can I post pictures ? Angie list is a scam and fraudulent company.


Handyman bill, " jack of all trades master of none" That's what a handyman is handyman bill. The judge will know the difference between steel and galvanized nails .

No need to worry handyman bill. Soon the handymen at aaa "quality fence" will know the difference too!


Don't know who you are handyman bill . But handymen are jack of all trades and master if none.

I have never been a handyman Aaa installed steel nails in the fence. Any *** can tell the difference between galvanized and steel. End of story.

The judge will decide. But I'm sure even a judge knows what galvanized nails are handyman bill!


When you live in cocoa beach and do not use stainless steel nails what do you expect to happen. I guess you must of just moved there.

@handyman bill

I have been here 30 years. Half the fence is done in galvanized.

Half is done in steel. Get it? No rust on the galvanized nails they put in the south side. West side is dripping with rust.

Come on over and see it. Proof is in the pictures.


So if a nail rusts that must mean it was not galvanized. Do you think that galvanized means they wont rust.

If you look at any box of galvanized nails they do not warranty against rust. As to why some do and some don't it is the same reason as why do some pickets warp or split and others don't even though they come from the same pallet.

Just look around your neighborhood I am sure you will see other fences that show the same stains. Over time most of the galvanized nails will rust just some rust faster then others.

Handyman Bill

@Handyman Bill

Hmmm. All boat lifts are galvanized and they are submerged in salt water .

The lifting hoists are galvanized . The beams are galvanized. Yet they don't rust! I live in cocoa beach.

But not on a canal front . The fence I put up in my yard has galvanized nails. Zero rust. But the fence AAA puts up rust in one month.

2400 dollars and a rusty fence. Galvanized nails or anything galvanized doesnt rust in one month . Try maybe 5 years. AAA might want to buy better galvanized nails and stop using steel nails.

I don't except AAA explanation. No way those nails where galvanized!

@Handyman Bill

You really do not know the difference in grade between marine grade steel and galvanized nails? That is like not knowing the difference between marine grade posts used for docks and the pressure treated pickets on your fence.

One is meant to be in water the other isn't. And for not living on the canal is another self indulging excuse.

You have had to notice when you go out in the morning any vehicle that sits overnight when the wind blows or has a storm the dew is all salt water. It sounds like you are trying to be obtuse on purpose to fit your claim.