Fort Worth, Texas
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I recently used a contractor by the name of John Luke Prock through Angie's List. He claimed that he can claim my roof, shed, gutters, and windows through my insurance company without my premium going up or without my insurance company dropping me as a client.

Also, he claimed that I would not have to pay my deductible by not replacing the shingles on my shed. He took every single penny that I received from my insurance company roofed part of my house and left trash in my yard for me to dispose of! When I try to contact John Luke, he does not respond by phone or email! It has been 3 weeks since I can get a hold of him.

I will be reporting him to the BBB and to the Texas Attorney General. My premium went up and my insurance company has notified me that they will be dropping me as a client.

DO NOT USE this contractor if he crosses your path. He can be very charming but he is just a full on SCAM artist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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When was this roof put on?


I don't know who your "ex" is or that name. But I'm glad that to hear that you read the reviews after I've tried contacting you for several months with no reply.

You're a shady contractor who shouldn't be in business. You have bad business ethics and morals.

I don't think you even understand what that means, but google. It'll probably teach you a thing or two.


My name is Luke Prock and Feb 02 I was in high school. Thanks Phary ( my x ) for trying to slander me again.


As of February 02, 2016, you were still in high school? Aren't you in your mid-30's and claim to have been in the Marines but never went further than boot camp?

Didn't you steal $15,000 from the Sakowski's? Didn't you steal $6,000 from Mr.

Santos? Didn't Texas Work Force have files claimed against you from former employees who you didn't want to pay??


I'm pretty sure I know who this bitter person is. You continue to spread lies.

There is plenty of evidence of your slander to multiple people.

Your ignorance is documented & will be used against you, this is against the law. The police have been have a great time wasting your time!


This person seems so pathetic and ignorant. You get bad reviews for your bad business ethics and you get angry and claim slander? That's just sad.


Just like you stole $800 from a woman for a job and haven't returned her calls?