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Angie's list charges companies to be on the "List". Companies post their own reviews to a positive slant and knock down their competitors with negative reviews.

These reviews cannot and will not be removed by the Angie's Administration. Anyone can have 10 or 20 or hundreds of email addresses and post these wonderful or hateful reviews and the consumers who are too ignorant to know the difference just go about their merry way. There are several companies listed on Angie's List with whom I have personally had terrible experiences. Surprise!

They have raving reviews. Don't give Angie a penny of your hard earned money; talk to your friends, family and neighbors to receive real reviews.

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It is soooo true!

C'mom ppl.

I was an "Angies's List contractor" at one point and time for a year.

Seriously, I barf every time I see their commercials.

The more we were willing to pay, the better our advertisement was. <------- Period.

Top posting, more areas, more categories. A grand a month later, WE had to call it quits with their BS


This article is correct. Angie's List is basically a joke.

If you write a review on Angie's List, they send your name, address and phone number to the company you just complained about along with what you said about them. Really??? Do you think that's "fair" Angie? It's like reporting to the police that you saw a crime and the police send a letter to that criminal stating "John Smith of 123 Main St just told us that he saw you commit a crime near his home yesterday".

Really??? What do you think is going to happen to you after that? I can create 5 new email accounts today and write 5 reviews for a company (good for my company or bad for my competitor) on Angie's list by this afternoon for $20.

That's nothing for a company making $100,000+ per year. How seriously can you believe these reviews?


100% Accurate


This article is completely wrong


Reviews can certainly be planted by vendors or their friends and family. The only defense against this is to find vendors with lots of reviews, like 10 or more. That's not foolproof either, but the more reviews, the better chance that at least some of them are from real customers of the company.


theoman, I agree that reviews are planted. but sometimes going more reviews doesn't help either when there are professional reviewing companies you can hire for cheap now to just basically give you 1 million positive reviews easily.

yelp, for example, is another joke company.

But the joke is on people who buys their stock. I heard for a fee yelp will remove all bad reviews for you.