Dearborn, Michigan

I own a business which is listed on Angies List. If you get a certain number of positive reviews you can run specials on Angies List.

I reached out to all of my customers, my Twitter account, my linked in and my Facebook page. No one was a current customer of Angies List but they agreed to go there and write a positive review. To my shock and horror Angies List deleted all the positive comments. I called them and asked why they did this and they said "someone posting a positive comment on Angies List needs to be a paid subscriber".

I said do they need to be a paid subscriber to write a bad review? Again to my horror they said "no they don't". I said so anyone can write a bad review but only paid customers can write good reviews? They said that is correct.

I said how many paid subscribers do you have? They said 2 million. I said well that's a lot. How many in Michigan?

25,000. Only 25,000? How do I find a current customer in a population of 10 million that subscribes to Angies List? This is where the scam comes in!

They told me and I quote: "what you do is take $50.00 off the customers bill and tell them to go join Angies List and write a good review for you. It will only cost them $37.00 and they can keep the $13 for their effort, you're doing your customer a good service". I was outraged. I said so you want me to pay my customers to write a good review?

You're kidding me right? So go look at a contractor who has a bunch of good reviews and chances are really high the contractor paid the customer (assuming $50) to write a good review.

How is that accurate? The thing is a scam

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I was looking for a service provider and found one that had at least four times the number of good reviews than the next listed one. When I contacted them and did some research I found why. Here's just a couple of things I found:

1. They have no license. It's apparently not required for their type of business. Fine, but when I looked at his site it says its because Orange County, CA charges $500 for one. If it was my business and I was supposedly doing so great, I would get the license in a heartbeat to reassure customers. And I sure wouldn't put that on my site!

2. He has a coupon for 10% off. Well, come to find out, you get your 10% back AFTER writing a review. Who would write a negative review? Although you would think even if it was a neg review he'd be obligated to return the 10% to the customer. Who knows? Needless to say I didn't use the company

I called Angie's and told them of my concerns. This is when I still thought Angie's list was on the legit. Of course they did nothing about this guy's dubious business practices; they said they'd "look into it." Yeah, right. He probably can't get the license because he pays Angie's so much! The 10% refund is nothing but plain ole bribery! :(

This is when I started to have misgivings and dug a bit deeper. Now the fun thing will be trying to cancel my membership. I've read that's it's about as hard as winning the lottery!


I can't take those Angie's List commercials anymore. They have got the freakiest looking people on them.

There are so many free options to their list.

Try Redbeacon, owned by Home Depot or Home Advisors. When it comes to medical issues, word of mouth or references from your doctor is the best.


I worked for a contractor who got an undeserved bad review. It was extremely hard to get it fixed.

So he decided to fix it his own way. He offered a $200 rebate off every job for an A/B grade report. That lady who wrote the bad report just started a great advertisement for us.

We were so busy after that. Lol I wished she knew what she actually done.