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Last month, I went to Angies List to find a furnace duct cleaning company for my rental property. I had to go through a series of questions (name, email address, phone number, etc.) before I could get to any recommended contractors. I finally got a short list of their "best". Within 5 minutes, my phone started ringing with calls from contractors and I received several solicitation emails.

I finally spoke with a caller from Apex Clean Air. Quoted $99 for complete job. I asked about any possible upcharges & was assured $99 was the full price. Their "technician" showed up at the duplex as scheduled. He recommended upgraded services for several hundred dollars more, which were turned down. In short, he was there for less than 2 hours, and pried all the register grates off instead of removing 2 screws. The grates will have to be replaced.

When I finally got a voice mail a few days later asking for payment, I responded by email with the info on the grates (including photos), and suggested payment would be forthcoming if they sent out someone to replace the damaged grates. End of story - haven't heard back from them - it's been a month.

Naively, I assumed crap like this wouldn't happen by using Angies List. -Dumb me. I will never use Angies List again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apex Clean Air Air Duct Cleaning Service.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $120.

Preferred solution: Replace all damaged grates.

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I think ANGIES LIST is a spin off scam co of TRUMP! total waste of time - ALL i am going to say/waste bc I ain't wasting more time typing crap about this BS svc: ANGIE.

if the below (from ME, to contractors on ANGIES LIST) ain't detailed enough what I want done..THERE'S A PROB and it ain't ME. Anglie can blow it. Contractors listed by "ANGIE" either didn't show up, didn't reply, or worse.. One contractor did show up - only to say, "i don't don't do this kindda' stuff".

WELL.... can anyone with ANGIES LIST fricking read?? This below list/email to prospective contractors aint detailed ENOUGH / WHAT THE HECK I NEED DONE / WHAT ONE IS BEING ASKED TO PERFORM/PROVIDE JOB QUOTES:"Hi, Rafael - Have a few projects I need done asap, please. However, the project about "the pavers", that project is to be done very last.

Thank you.

Look forward to hearing from you - J.B.Need nine (9) holes dug & placement of four (4) 'concrete pier blocks' in 4 holes - all holes to prep for assembly/installation of soon-to-arrive carport (8'x10') to arrive (carport is being assembled/installed by a company) & to plant small trees; Need placement of wire mesh fencing (20' x 32' x 40' x 12') - fencing does not require any digging/posts - will use zip ties/stakes/mallet; Need (~ 200 sq ft) area (gravel/soil) leveled, with all gravel removed & surface area level (and without medium/large-sized rocks) to prep for placement of artificial grass (already purchased/pre-cut, but will need cutting to fit small ground area of ~ 200 sq ft - grass will be secured to ground with ground spikes); Need placement of (5' x 3') wood gate (gate already purchased/built, but I need two (2) holes dug & placement of 2 wooden poles & brackets/secure gate to pole [doesn't need handle or latch/lock]; Place/secure 2 (6' x 8') pre-assembled bamboo panels (exterior), stabilizing both with ground support; Ground surface for all needed projects is gravel/soil; Need RV door (2) screens (31" x 23" & 20" x 23") replaced; Need placement of sun blackout screen at RV exterior windows & placement of RV windshield (exterior) UV shield; Will reimburse for fuel, expenses/materials; After all projects completed, need estimate for placement of concrete 4' x 12' pavers (no cement) at 8' x 20' area (surface to place pavers is soil/gravel); Need all trash/left over materials to be hauled off to dump yard; Need small propane gas grill/tank, 2 RV tires and small inflatable raft - all hauled away; Will need contractor to pick-up all needed supplies and plants at Home Depot. Thanks - J.B."


Always best to ask other rental property owners or family, etc. when you need work done---this goes for homeowners, too. Word of mouth is much better than relying on something like Angie's list where the chance of getting scammed by some unknown contractor is rather good.