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Angie's List is where people who already have trust issues with Contractors go - the problem is the entire game is rigged as usual. We were an AL company and all they want from us is MONEY.

We get calls from people we would never do business with because they are already so freaked out by what might happen or their last experience with a contractor. Most of us (contractors) do honest work for fair prices, not all but the ones who have been in business over 10 years. What the public doesn't understand is what we go through just to be able to provide you the public with service. We are constantly harassed by OSHA, Building Code Enforcement, The EPA, IRS, Workman's Comp, the city, the county, the state, the feds.

We train our people to no only be good builders but they also have to constantly be aware of what they say, how they say it and who is listening - we have to act like investigators during additions and remodeling, Lawyers when we write contracts and still we get treated like thieves when we ask to get paid. If the average person understood how difficult it is to become a contractor, all the red tape we must cut through every time we practice our trade - if they say how we get constantly bombarded by new and ridiculous codes and laws - NO ONE WOULD BECOME A CONTRACTOR BY CHOICE. However, I happen to work for a guy who has a passion for building and is quite good at it. We are people just like you.

Angie's List took 2400.00 from us last year and we got ZERO from it. Now they come back to us and want us to spend 16K this year and they swear it will be different this time. Think about this people - If you add up all of the costs - WC, Insurance, Vehicles, Maintenance, Tools, Continuing Education, Overhead and Consumables - where is there room for a 16K program that nets you nothing? Can't anyone understand why it costs 125.00/hour to have a guy come to your home in a truck?

Does anyone go to the car dealership and expect a free engine diagnosis? Do you get free Doctor visits? We bust our butts to serve our customers - Angie's List complicates the process and gives folks a false sense of security because one need only pay to play... Stop being lazy and do your own homework - call the chamber of commerce - look up public records and see who has had legal action and how it was resolved.

We look at you the same way - we have to because we have been burned by people of limited integrity too.

Meet with us - talk to people - find out who you can trust and then get involved. A much better process than a web service could ever hope to provide.

Reason of review: Service is dreadful..

Monetary Loss: $2400.

Preferred solution: Stop calling me with solutions that require me to pay to resolve. They want to help me but it will cost me 16,000.00 in advertising. Not a real fix..

Angies List Cons: No return on investment, Fix is to dump in more cash, Dont listen, Are not flexible, Are not intersted in a fix, Constant phone calls.

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I joined Angies List because I needed a contractor. the one I used had glowing reviews on angies list and did a terrible job


Da heck is "Angie's List"? Whoever they are, they aren't who you think they are. Don't give them money.