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My husband is a 2nd generation roofer we advertised for years with Verizon , Yellow Pages , Idearc Media then along came Angie's List we received several jobs through Angie's List not even knowing what it was we just thought "wow" this Angie has a lot of friends then the phone calls began from Representatives. My husband agreed to advertise with Angie's List 14 years ago it was $450.00 a month for a full page ad in the magazine they mail out to members compared to the thousands we were spending advertising else where it was a drop in the bucket .

As years passed Angie's List grew and one year when our advertising renewal was up they wanted $35,000.00 a year my jaw dropped my husband is not a brain surgeon we negotiated with Angie's List and got our advertising down to $1,500.00 a month and noticed a steep decline in business . In the last two years our phone has stopped ringing from Angie's list members and we have only done two jobs this year for Angie's list members , we finally asked ourselves why is this happening (I know why) we received our renewal a few days ago they are giving us a $50,000.00 discount for advertising with them and still charging us $1,500.00 a month . I called our representative and she said roofers in our area pay over $70,000.00 a year to advertise with them "now I know why our phone is not ringing" we are family owned and operated , we do not pick people off the street and put them on a roof Angie's List is sending all of the business to the roofers who are paying their astronomical fees .

Angie can keep her list and we will advertise else where Angie's List just cares about lining there pockets and not about the consumers who pay to good reputable contractors . Needless to say we had an A rating every year and I am proud to say my husband deserved it .

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I have a good friend that had a similar experience. They use extortion to manipulate the lists and then have the nerve to say that "no one can pay to be on the list".

Stop your paid listings immediately and make a simple wordpress "blog' website with someone like hostgator. Find someone local to help if you need. Make sure to get your own domain name and set up emails that use that name so they are more consistent with your brand. Answer your emails promptly!

Update it a lot with good information and plenty of photos of his work. Go back to old customers and get your own reviews and post them on your own site or ask them to post to Google. I did that for my friend last year.

Soon enough the phone will be ringing again and you will get more business than he can handle. And you can keep the extra 70k.