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Angies List claims to be better than yelp because they never remove a review. This is deceptive.

I posted a bad review about a contractor who did terrible work on my property that ended up costing me tens of thousands of dollars. This review remained for ten months. Then all of a sudden a search of Angies list turned up no matches for the provider "Greenstein Construction" or any reviews. After many back and forths with Angies List, they said they had cleaned the site of some providers and that while the Provider did not come up when you searched the list, the review was still available.

They explained that what you had to do after you received the message that there are "no matches" on Angies list for Greenstein Construction was to scroll down the left side of the screen and at the very bottom there is a box for "provider search". You would then enter in "Greenstein Construction" and you would receive the information that there was no grade and no reviews for this company. But if you were then smart enough to click on the company name, you would find that there is actually a review with an F rating that is very long and detailed. When I asked Angies to reinstate this review or let me speak to a supervisor they declined.

The party line is that they have met there advertised claim of "never deleting" a review. They have just buried it so deep that no one can find it. If you are so smart as to have found the review, then you probably don't need to be protected. So if you ever wanted to use Angies list to make sure there are no complaints against a contractor, don't bother.

While I have no proof that Angies list deleted this for a profit, I believe that Angies List can be scrubbed by reputation revisionists and is no longer reputable-It has come out in the news that companies that advertise get listed first--now the business model appears to be helping companies hide bad reviews from potential sucker clients. It time to Yelp.

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Angie's list can be extremely deceptive. I know of many people who are friends and relatives of contractors who post false positive reviews, and also post false negatives of their competition.


As a company owner, with an x-employee, that wrote a fake review pretending to be a customer, gave me an F rating, with a long detailed fake review, and I was asked to send in proof, so application, w-2, and timesheets were sent. A call from Angies to the member/x-employee whom told Angie's, NO..I never worked for them.

His review remains, as burden of proof on me. Hand written application is not enough. there another way to fill out an application? I've been in business 25 years.

Never joined Angie's and didn't want to...guess I should have paid them money, then I wouldn't have an F rating...I can assure you of that. Bottom line, they don't want to remove members rating, and loose his money...bunch of scammers !!


Since some words appear *** I will scramble them and you can unscramble them (if you're smart enough). 1st word is UDPSIT and the other 2 words are are LEHL. Even someone who would fall for these scams can unscramble these words, I think?


This site has the right name "Pissed Consumer" because I pissed my pants laughing at all the idiots who got screwed and continue to get screwed. How can people be so ***?

This is a controlled site to do whatever so they can steal money, credit card numbers and *** knows what else. An ounce of brain, which is far more than most people in this country of scams and lotteries have, should tell you that there is no way Angie or any of her thieves would have such information. It's heart breaking to know that this country has gone totally to *** because of the stupidity in it. All I can say is that you all deserve what you got and continue to get.

Some day these thieves will get put in prison where they belong and the TV station's executives responsible for running the ads for these scams should be put there as well.

If we ever get a government in this country they should put a stop to this. :grin


I totally agree with you. I posted a negative review on a contractor a few days ago.

Now it is no longer visible in the same search results. I'll not renew my subscription once this one expires.


The representatives that I spoke to kept telling me that it wasn't actually deleted as Angies list doesn't do that. Since the representative that I spoke to would not let me speak to a supervisor because this was a definative answer.

I would like to note I went back and forth with Angies several time and kept getting the same answer. I therefore feel justified in calling this the party line. Interestingly enough another completely unrelated incident occured in the "ask" section of Angies this morning. (Angies sends me alerts) the question asked was"how do I find out the result of a complaint oresolution?

I filled out a complaint resolution about the NicNaks handyman service several weeks ago. I received an email from Angies list about what was sent to the owner of this company. I do not find NicNaks Handyman service on Angies List anymore. Can you tell me what the outcome was?

Note that company was removed just like in my case. Btw Angies list instructs questioner to call for info. I assume they don't want a public airing of the fact that though we pay to see negative as well as positive reviews, someone is removing the providers with negative reviews. This just luls people who use Angies List into thinking they have protected themselves from poor contractors or worse scamsters.

My question to Angies List is how does a provider get their name and thus access to their bad reviews removed. Fee for service, advertising $, legal letters...what is exact protocal and terms?


"The party line is that they have met there advertised claim of "never deleting" a review." What do you mean by "party line"?


If you are writting this - then you have not heard. Yes - Angies list will pull writeups for a fee.....this site is useless as far as a neutral, fair and unbiased review all goes back to $$$