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Update by user Jun 16, 2016

The location of this company is based out of Northern Texas

Original review posted by user Jun 16, 2016

Where do I begin? First off never believe a company that tells you they were rated top business to hire from Angie's List. Since Angie's List is paid for such ratings by companies. Rule #1.

I Googled best moving companies in DFW and found the red flag in was just telling you about. Rated #1. They're right. Ranked #1 for hiring shady contractors to do their moving ranked #1 for telling their contracted movers it's ok to take text message breaks while on the job ranked #1 for lying to consumers that their movers are employed by Wrightway Moving ranked #1 for not reprimanding their contracted movers for tossing failed items into the trucks ranked #1 for not reprimanding the contracted movers for snooping in boxes and plastic crates ranked #1 for essentially hiring convicts to move their paying customers' belongings ranked #1 for allowing their front office staff, including the scheduler Tanya Morrow to use deceitful practices and spiels in order to make a buck ranked #1 for being an all around hoax of a moving business ranked #1 for saying they'll pay so much for broken or damaged items but when you get the claim form they then ask for all receipts and appraisal receipts otherwise the claim will be denied. Ranked #1 for being told by Tanya Morrow that all bad reviews are made by disgruntled past employees. Ranked #1 for instructing their contracted moving crews to not fill up the truck in order to have to make multiple trips makes for more money in Eric's pockets ranked #1 for being an all around cheat, thief, liar, manipulator of a business.

This is true and I am not a former employee. I spent over $2,500 and will spend more to replace the broken items this company refuses to replace.

Word of advice.

You would do better hiring a few Mexicans waiting on the street corner who actually will appreciate the work for less hassle and less money than you would hiring a bunch of crooks from Wrightway Moving.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wrightway Moving Moving Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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take them to court small claims is not expensive.that is what i am doing had a problem with a moving company too