Columbus, Ohio

I joined Angie's List in April of 2007 at a yearly rate of 47.00 and understood that this was an introductory rate. In April of 2008 I was billed at renewal for $59.00 which I had originally agreed to when I joined.

In April of 2009 I again was charged $59.00 as I did the previous year. In April of 2010, I was charged $70.80 from Angie's List and to my fault I did not notice the charge on my credit card statement. I did however notice the charge from Angie's List in April of 2011 for the sum of $70.00. I then proceeded to call Angie's List to inquire about the charge as I know that I had never agreed to $70.00 when I joined.

I was greeted by a very pleasant lady by the name of Lisa and was told that my membership rate is at the price of $70.00. I asked her when the pricing had changed. I not given a definitive answer other than that is what we charged you last year. I acknowledged that I did not notice the increase from 2010 but I certainly did for 2011.

I why I had not been notified of the increase of over 20% and was told "NO" because you are on Auto renewal. I interjected and stated that as a customer I am entitled to be notified of any changes to the original agreement to which I had agreed to in 2007. I received no credible explanation other than their company has grown and raised pricing of membership. I then asked why does your website show a yearly price for the "Columbus Market" of $68 and then 2 other rates of $39.00?

Here now is the problem? In 2010 I was charged $70.80 and in 2011 $70.00. What was I charged for, since the bundled price of the new subscription rates is listed as $68.00 per year on an annual basis. Furthermore, as a current subscriber why was I not informed that there now is choice in the levels of subscriptions?

I feel this is very deceptive and wrong. This is totally against what Angie's List was built on!

Why am I not able to view any Billing history via my account on Angie's List? Is this to further deceive the Subscribers?

Product or Service Mentioned: Angies List Membership.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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I too was scmmed by Angies List - I had a trial for $15. and decided I no longer wanted the service.

Due to a lost card I got a new one issued with a new number which I did not give to Angies list, the sent renewal notices which I ignored. Subsequently they "hacked" my new account. I reported it to my bank and they told me to contact the company which I did. It took a long time to get the charge reversed, with out appology or explaination, after threatening to take legal action.

I'm sorry now that I did not persue that course. Watch your statement folks - their seems to be larceny in Angies plans, as noted above also.


I too was surprised seeing Angie's list doubled my monthly rate without prior being notified of the increase. I spoke to their rep and the person couldn't provide any reason for them not sending any communication out to consumers.

She promised to refund all extras that were taken and I thought this was the last surprise I was going to get. Few months later I tried to login to my account to angie's to find out that they've expired my monthly membership.

They again have not communicated anything close to expiration date so I'm feeling as if they 're lacking basic communication procedures as organization or they're taking advantage 'being forgetful'. Too bad Angie's List!


The "bundle" price of $70 is the basic membership plus the medical membership. You can get the basic for $43.75, but you need to know about it first.

I too was hit with the stealth autorenewal "upgrade" of $70 until I pushed the issue and downgraded it back to regular.

This year, I went to renew and see that they list my renewal as $70 again.

It's a shame that AL started out as a small honest business, went public with an IPO and went downhill into corporate corruption.


An attorney on another site suggested writing a certified letter of cancelation to the address on Angie List's website. I'm going to do that myself as the email and web chat methods did not work even though I was told everything was taken care of. After you cancel make sure to check back in a few weeks to insure it was really done to avoid charges to your credit card.


Same problem here. Last year had to call after my membership renewed for "the bundle", when I had just subscribed to the classic Angie's list. Again this year, billed for "the bundle" directly to Paypal, with no notice or communication.

I called and spoke to Stephanie in customer service. She could not explain what was included in my $68 membership. I asked why the new subscriber rate for "the bundle" was on $50.08, and as a loyal customer, I was being charged $68 for the same service. Could not explain.

I cancelled my membership today. I'll have to wait and see how long it takes for my account to be credited.


Ya learn smoethnig new everyday. It's true I guess!


Last week was about to renew my subscription with a discount code I found online when I realized that a day before my account had been charged $70.80 for a service that their website states should be $39 in my area. I've just sent them an email & then began to look at reviews about their service to see if anyone else has had this problem. I'm very disappointed now.


I've had great success with the contractors but I'm furious about Angie's new renewal process. I can't access my account preferences to stop the auto renewal.

I emailed them a complaint that they bury me with "special deals" but couldn't manage to let me know they'd hit my account. They 'bundled' the list with and extra charge for medical. I told them I'd reviewed my dentist for the benefit of others but had NEVER searched for a Dr. I got a promise to credit my account for the medical part of the bill but no answer to my question regarding how their billing process is exactly the type of thing that they are supposedly there to protect me from...

Unbelievable... If they don't fix the process I'll quit them next year after using them for many....