Austin, Texas

I used Net Siding via an Angie's List promo for 16 hours of painting. Ed Trigo, the so-called "marketing director", came to my home and assured me that his "painters" would do a great job. That was when he wasn't trying to sell me windows. I asked him directly such things as "will they remove electrical plates and light plates to paint under" and his answer was yes.

The two gentlemen that showed up were obviously day laborers or from an agency and were the worst painters I've ever seen. I could have gotten my 15 year son to splash paint on the wall better. It took the two of them the full 8 hours to paint two rooms and they did a terrible job. They bled paint onto the ceiling from the walls, splattered doors and over painted onto door trim. They painted around the face plates and never removed them. Professional painters would have finished in half the time and would have done a much better job. I will now have to call a professional in to fix the job. One of the guy's excuse was "out other four jobs were fine". That means this was their fifth time to paint. Lucky me! I pointed to several of the flaws and said "were the other customer okay with this"? He had no response.

I called Trigo three times to try to negotiate a resolution and left two messages but he refused to call me back. The man is nothing short of a snake oil salesman. I will not use this company again nor will I use Angie's List again either. The "Big Deals" are a big joke and not worth the money. I just cancelled another one due to this experience.

Monetary Loss: $399.

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My issue is resolved and Angie's List seemed to be helpful in making it happen. I received a full refund from the contractor which frankly shocked me.

The contractor mailed me a money order which tells me they were not on the up and up anyway. Angie's List let me know it was coming after I received it but up to that point had merely stated that if the contractor did not respond to their request for resolution they would put them in a "penalty box". There was no update on any progress until the refund arrived. Angie's List also sent me a new survey asking me to review the contractor again based on my refund.

They stated that due to the resolution they would "discard the report I originally submitted". In other words, take down the negative review. That's not right. This means that all anyone will ever see is positive reviews for contractors, no matter how bad they are!

Due to this experience I have cancelled my membership and find contractors on my own now. Angie's List does not vet these people enough for my liking.


shouldn't you have put this review on angle's list. isn't that the whole idea of angle's list.

@just a thought

You are correct, that will happen later. Right now the issue is in what Angie's List calls "Customer Resolution Process" and until that is resolved I can't give an objective review on them.

My main purpose for this review was to point out that one of their services, the so-called Big Deal, is not a good idea at all on so many levels. I will never make the mistake of giving someone my money before the service is rendered. It's like paying for your food at a restaurant first, not being satisfied and then going through the hassle to get restitution. Based on my experience so far I'll have plenty to say about Angie later.

They're telling me they can't provide a refund so this is why I'm saying DON'T do the Big Deals.

If the company in question doesn't respond to their complaint inquiry then what? I'll let you know.