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Gave a contractor F ratings in all categories (Mark Ellis Builders of Ypsilanti, Michigan had a A+ rating, but I wound up firing them for poor workmanship). When I tried to post the review, it just disappeared and a new blank form opened up. Thinking it may have posted anyway I checked the site and it says I have no reviews posted. Angie's list is a/useless and b/a likely scam.

Here's the review I tried to post: This was by far the worst experience I have had with a contractor – or any professional for that matter. Don't let his multiple A ratings on Angie's List fool you! The work was unprofessional and incredibly sloppy, thanks in particular to 2 particularly clueless members of his team that seemed to be the only folks he had working for him. They would show up for a fraction of a day and then leave. And then no one would show up again for days.

When I met with Mark Ellis about the quality of the work (more than once) he said he had "no excuses" and promised repeatedly that things would get better, and that he would be on the job personally to supervise the work. Still, the work never got better and he seldom was on site.

I eventually paid two other builders to come an evaluate the work, with one saying that although the job wasn't the worst he had ever seen, but it was pretty close. They seemed to have no clue how to center the new kitchen window between two cupboards (it is off by several inches). The cupboards were moved, and then moved again. In some areas they did more harm than good, damaging siding, gouging trim and breaking a window. They also installed cedar siding that failed to match the surface of the rest of the house. The boards were not attached correctly and so the caulking cracked two days after it was applied. There were no drip ledges installed above the windows. Other siding was not properly attached to the house and I can pull it away. The list could go on and on.

After more than two and half months of this guy (not helped by the fact I had to be out of town frequently) I got suspicious and found out that even though Angie's List says he is licensed and insured, the State of Michigan regulatory website (and yes, I even called to make sure) has no record of him, his business or his address having a license in Michigan. You can look for yourself at He is also not registered with the City of Ann Arbor.

At this point I fired him. I have had to hire another builder to redo much of the work and am really taking a hit moneywise on this project. The state and the city of Ann Arbor have been notified about his lack of a license. Oh, and after I fired him, he never came to pick up tools and other items he left at my house. Run fast and far from Mark Ellis "Buliders."

Product or Service Mentioned: Angies List Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $12000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Angies List Cons: Who angies list has become.

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Hi - we had a similar experience with Mark Ellis Builders and also had to ultimately hire someone else to finish/redo his erroneous work. He never finished the job, he didn’t supervise his workers, and he also stole tools from us (maybe that’s why he was willing to leave them at your house )