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Angies List in Denver, Colorado - Review in *** for 6 months & not approved

I have 5 reviews that I have written on contractors I've used since Feb 2014 and wrote each of them the week I used the contractors and NONE have been approved by Angie's List yet. I have about 7 others that I've written in 2012 and 2013 that are all approved. When I called to ask why the holdup on 2014 reviews, they tell me that they are redoing the website and all reviews are in a holding pattern. That makes no sense!!! Who take the main function of your business offline while redoing the web code? Also, if true, this means I am not seeing the latest ratings from my neighbors who are using these same contractors and getting "recent" reports of their performance.
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They keep calling and keep calling. We are a business and they call everyday.

I told Laura today not to call us anymore. She asked if I was the Owner of the business, and I told her no.

She said that until the Owner tells them to stop calling they will continue to call and she hung up on me.

I had our Owner call back to her extension and it went to voicemail. He left a message for them to never call us again.

It's been constant harassment by this company, maybe now they will stop calling. We never did any business with them, nor will we ever.


and you can do code?

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Angies List in Denver, Colorado - Renewal not authorized

We signed up last year to find a fence guy. We found several, a couple gave us estimates, some never called us back. As things happen, we did the fence this year instead of last year and used the one guy who gave us a decent estimate. We also used a good landscaper to clean out the back yard, so that the guy could do the fence. They both did very well. Our comments are actual, but there are too many contractors on the list who get F's for not responding. But, I could NOT find anything on their website as to HOW you actually cancel their service. So listen up, you have to contact them via the on-line chat to cancel it. They did not notify me ahead of time to verify that I wanted to renew it. Next year they will, so says customer service. I got a partial credit, and I was actually going back to the website to see if anything is there on a cancellation policy. It may be there somewhere, but as of this writing, I haven't found it. It has to be a violation of Better Business Bureau policy (and good business practice) to not publish your cancellation policy somewhere actually visible to customers. They count on the fact that one year from now, you will not remember that they will automatically charge your card (I did but couldn't find out how to cancel it) or what their actual policies are. Buyer beware!
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Buyer Beware is correct!!!!!! Even if you are able, like I was, to contact them in time to cancel they don't do it.

My credit card was still charged $35.00 a month after I contacted them to cancel.

RUN from Angie's list as fast as you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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