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We pay a premium price to advertise our Moving, Storage and Packing services with Angie's List. In December 2012 someone named John T.

filed a false claim, charging our company with a hit and run driving accident with his vehicle. The claim was false and was denied by our insurance company for lack of proof. The accident never happened. John T.

submitted a poor view of our Moving services on Angie's List, which we pay to promote our moving and storage services. When I noticed the review, I spoke with Trevor and Finally Jason White to have the poor review removed. Angie's List refused to remove the review, even though I sent evidence to prove that we were in no way involved in an accident with John T. Angie's List complies a rating based upon the following factors in their reviews: "Price, Quality, Responsiveness, Punctuality and Professionalism" .

Since we did not provide services to John T.

we should not be subjected to an overall rating of "F". We have asked Angie's List to remove the bogus review, and they said that the review will remain because the person writing the review "owns" the review -- this explanation is unsatisfactory and our reputation has been defiled as a result.

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I thought you couldn't pay to be on Angies's List.

Doesn't sound as if they live up to their advertising.