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The quality and number of leads for the California Market has lead in the last two years to 80 per cent decline in our business with over 200 reviews. Had to move the business to another state.

Home Advisor now has a hand in poaching a lot of our inquiring customers. Customers get inundated with lots of calls from aggressive service providers. It has turned a lot of customers off. Paying over 500.00 a month because we are under contract has be an arduous task.

We have lost all of personnel except one. Don't cross collections department or you will have as they say consequences. It has been a struggle to pay the remaining part of the contract but we will because it would affect our credit. Think long and hard before considering third part aggregates(Angies, Houzz, Thumbtack) to create business.

Use Yelp, next door and more organic types of advertising like local newspapers.

Make customers happy and ask them to refer you to their friends and family. Basically a very unpleasant experience.

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