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I signed up for the ~$24 year silver subscription. The same hour I tried to find recommendations for services in my area.

I got listings for services in far away parts of my state (Maryland-DC suburbs), 100 miles away!! I live in a rural area of Maryland. Angies list has no lisiting near my town so feeds me lists of sercives in Virgina (another state!!) or listings far north on the other side of the DC area. Who is going to drive accross the DC metro area 100 miles one way to get their hair done??

I realized this mistake within about an hour and contacted the Angie's list chat who said they would forward my concerns to their accounting department. That was Friday. The next day, Saturday, I called their customer service number and was told it's in the fine print-- they will not refund my money! I have left a messge with their business office, which customers cannot call themselves: you have to be connected to them through the Angie's List customer care number.

So they deny their users direct access to Angie's List business office! If was treated this way by a company I was doing business with, I would complain to Angie's list about poor treatment and bad customer service!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Angies List Silver Membership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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People have to understand that ANGIE'S LIST its a business that only cares about profit, i have a long story complaining to them and nothing happened


Just so you know, they will automatically renew your account. Contact your credit card company and dispute the charge.