Portland, Oregon

I am not a angie member and never will be.

I am a flooring contractor in Portland Oregon and I was given a bad review for not doing work I was Not hired to do....yes...

Husband call and wanted a quote for a repair, wood floor water damage.. I met him, reviewed the job and sent a estimate. I told him the job would have to wait so the floor could dry out. Weeks later the wife called and want to get on the schedule. I told her we were busy and it should wait. She became very pushy and I did not feel comfortable that I wanted to work with such an impatient person.. I let her know we would not be able to do the work at this time and she should find someone else... She wrote a bad review that I was no good for not working for her....

I called angie and they said it was nothing they could change and she could write what ever she wanted...Later Angie called Me to solicited Me to by advertising and this way they could bury the bad review with my ads...my money...what dose that tell you about angie.

Angie is a money grubbing tramp that will say anything to make a buck no matter whom it hurt.....Don't join, do fall into the trap... get referrals, call suppliers and see who pays their bills and dose the most work.... do the research and save the money from Angie's grubbing pockets.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Doesn't Angie's List do any kind of vetting? This contractor's complaint seems heartfelt and honest.

I hope he had satisfied customers write in so that there is a balance. Perhaps that is the answer.


I knew it! I have always tried to convince my wife Angie's List is a front for Angie to make money.

She could care less about real consumers. That much advertising on TV for a consumer advocate? Who's paying for all this? Even the Red Cross doesn't advertise as much!

That is all to get consumers to sign up - more people means more ads and more money....for Angie. Nice bait and switch scheme.