Hartford, Connecticut
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I recently joined Angie's list for (thankfully!) a very low cost to check it out. I had worked with two local well know landscaping businesses. One I had a good experience with, one not. I wanted to read what others had said and add my own comments.

I also wanted to looked up a resume writing service that CLAIMED on their web site to have reviews and ask that satisfied customers ADD to them.

Once I was a paid member and got inside, WHAT DISAPPOINTMENT! Neither of the two landscaping companies even exist to Angie's List. Nothing on either good or bad. What a waste had I used that site FIRST and paid the fee to do so.

I then followed the link the resume service provided on their site. Nothing! I page to ADD a review, but not a single person had reviewed them yet so there was nothing to go by to base my decision to hire them from. I didn't think Angie's List handled that types of businesses and see they don't!

What they are charging consumers for escapes me. They seem to have PLENTY of money to advertise and try and snag more paying customers, but once inside you find little. Perhaps in a much larger metropolitan area it's different, but that certainly limits the value of their site to minimal.

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