Back a year ago, I had just signed up for Angie's List. They asked me to send them our client list so they could get referrals for us. Which we did and gained I think 1 good review and an F review for a job that was currently in progress. I had initially signed up because we were organically getting reviews without paying and I figured with such a great online presense and customer relationships, it couldn't hurt us. It did. That F rating for the job in progress was with some clients that were very difficult to please, they had not told us about 90% of the problems when we took the job and it ended up being a nightmare of a job and then to boot, we had the F rating. The F rating was right at the top too, so who is going to hire us? We had no calls, I did what I could with Angie's List, but they would not budge with moving it down. All they said was that the person who reviewed it had to update it. Final decision.

Finally after the job was done, we tried to get our clients (who were now satisfied) to update our F to something else, but Angie's List would not accept the udpate as it was not being called in by the member. But the non-member was allowed to put in the F rating in the first place!

So as a business owner who was not getting anything and of course, you can't get out of their contract without paying big money...I did what a smart person should do...is Google "Angies List Sucks" and found nothing. So then I went to register.com to figure out if I should buy it and start my own website with a review of Angies List. Aha! I found out that www.angieslistsucks.com was owned by ANGIE'S LIST.

So then I saw the information of who registered it and found that Patm@angieslist.com was the contact who bought it and found his phone number. I called before emailing. Good thing I did, I caught him in meeting with the Marketing Manager. He was a bit off when I called, asked me how I got his information and I told him it took me all but 4 minutes to find his private cell phone number on the internet. I then spoke to the Marketing Manager who said he would take care of it. Not really, after weeks of going through hoops (remember, the member did not put in the F rating, her partner did, which bothers me...can anyone who answers the phone put in the review? Apparently! Kids too? Good gravy!)They finally got it updated to a B rating and then WOW, all of a sudden, during my third month of being on Angie's List, calls started coming in.

Isn't that amazing?

Here is Pat's info if you need it. I got farther than an account rep. All public information.

admin-c-phone: +1.3176546651

admin-c-fax: +1.3178033951

admin-c-email: patm@angieslist.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Angies List Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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don't deal with customer service. Carl Butler is head of legal at 1030 east Washington street, Indianapolis IN 46204.


Be polite but persistent. they do not want to go to litigation so they will resolve it.


I left a message for this Carl butler. Never returned my phone call but 2 weeks later get a certified letter from angies list with a lot of concerning statements.

I won't call them threats as I am not a lawyer but if I try to have this incorrect review removed or comment elsewhere on the internet angieslist will sue me.

Sent their letter off to our state attorney general for their review. Talk about big brother dictatorship.


i tried contacting customer service and they refused to give me any point of legal contact. I tried calling this pat but it just goes to a voicemail. dont ever expect to get a return phone call


Angieslist has that special talent of screwing you coming and going. As a consumer, they have shared my information with companies with awful ratings who somehow are an "A" listed provider.

Was recently stalked by one of these companies who hung up on me every time I asked them not to call. Really professional outfit. Meanwhile, they seem to be sticking it to honest providers just trying to make it.

I'm looking for a new source of good reviews, but it seems like this company has really ruined it for everyone. How unfortunate.


We used Angie's List to find a capable company to re-do the facing of our driveway. Big mistake.

The *** got the black tar splashed over the garage door and stonework, everywhere but the freakin driveway!! Further, the *** didn't seal the cracks and the paving job was awful and started to come off within weeks. The tar stayed on the garage door and stonework though.We would have done better hiring a bunch of drive-by gypsies to do the work.

We gave the company a big F. I give Angie's list a Big F as well since they F'd me by letting these *** offer deals on their services and promoting them on their site.


I hired a contractor who had A reviews on Angie's List for a 30.000 bathroom remodel. It took 4 months and the workmanship is terrible.

I went back and read the reviews of the company and could tell all the good ones were fake. They aren't even good fakes. The owners of the company I used are from a different country, and all the good reviews are written in broken English. I pointed this out to Angie's List who essentially just ignored me.

Angie's List is total BS. NEVER trust them.


Really great formation, for guys like myself who have been suckered bu Angie's list.



Angie's list is complete bullsh!t. It exists as a cash cow for those who own the thing and nothing more. If you have to pay to post an opinion, run the other way.

Angie's List is a great idea, but is run solely to make a nickel and dime profit from anyone who participates in it. Anyone who pays AL is merely a pawn being used to solicit more people to pay AL or buy into the notion they are doing something useful when in all reality all they're doing is lining the pockets of AL and their employees.

And seeing that face on the commercial makes me nauseous.