I hired this contractor off of Angies List and because the commercials say they do the work for you and find the best providers I did not bother to check his license. Terry who owns Thrower Home Improvements had a good rating on angie list, it was documented on Aangies List that he had a valid contractors license.

I verified this with him and he said "I cant be on Angies list if my lisence isnt valid" it was a disaster, my kitchen looks like a 12 year old kid did it, cabinets crooked, upside down epoxy leaking under the cabinets granite put in crooked plumbing leaked. He wouldnt show up at all or hours late dust an debris all over the area and got into the rest of the house. Worst of all he insisted I needed a new breaker box for 1800 dollars but have come to find out i did not because i was not adding voltage. he came at 3pm and was putting in the breaker box til 10pm and we had no AC (we live in AZ) and no lights.

he came late (hours Late!!) no regular crew, all work is shoddy and the bad plumbing warped my cabinets and i had to shell out another 100 dollars to fix the plumbing he did. I went to Angie's list for assistance to file a complaint. I questioned them avout the fact that his lisence was uspended license although on Angies List it says his license is active. they said they do not regularly check liscense.

They told me sorry we are just a list, a neutral party, you should have double checked his license, we can't help you. SOOOO i have to ask what good is Angies list. They dont regularly check liscense,(although their commercial indicates they do this work for you) they say you should check on your own, so what did i pay them monthly for?? The electric box this *** put in was not permitted or inspected and I did not know it needed to be now I have to take care if that mess and its put in wrong I reported him to the licensing registrar and found out his license is expired over a year ago but it is active on angies list.

Getting assistance though ROC is a long process . SOOO thanks for nothing Angie you are a scam.My suggestion to anyone would be to pull a list of local contractor the internet, go on Manta, Yelp.

etc and see if there are any reviews and for sure check their licence, you would get better results than angies list because after all they ARE JUST A LIST (THIER WORDS!) and thier information is not updated ot correct.

Product or Service Mentioned: Angies List Commercial.

Monetary Loss: $14300.

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